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I'm in a pickle, what would you do in this situation?

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My name is Jonathon and I am here looking for advice about this girl. For information on how this came about, please click the links above and read my posts on both of those threads.


After reading that, here is what happened today.


I was walking to the media center today after 3rd period and she was walking to lunch (the lunch room was the only thing that way). I saw her with her friend but not sure which friend it was. My first instict was to just say something, so I quickly stopped, looked at them, and said "Look who it is!". She heard me but did not even turn her head at me or anything, but by her face I could tell that she heard me.


I saw her earlier in the day but turned my head to the opposite side right when I saw her as I really didn't feel like talking at that second. I think a lot of people do that.


So the next 2 times I saw her (by the lockers/hallway) I bumped into her on purpose to get her attention and I did. The first time she was like "ow" and I turned around and said "oh my bad". And then the second time she's like "why does he keep on pushing me?". Now shes talking to her friends about me and her 2 best friends ride my bus (I freaked out when they got on the bus, didn't know they rode it, so I hid).


I have posted on here a lot and said I was going to ask her out the very next day, but I never did. In elementary and middle school I have always been the quiet and shy person, but now 2 days into high school I'm the one being loud, talking alot, and not shy at all.


I'm loving high school and I'm going to say something to her by Friday if I can get her attention.


What would you do in this situation? I think she likes me but doesn't have her friends approval, like somebody previously told me on these forums.


I'm thinking of asking her how her summer has been, just to get things started but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, I'm going to do this whether her friends are with her or not.


What do you guys think? Some replies by the end of the night would be much appreciated. Also, anything I should say to her friends? One of them I sit next to in 3rd period.



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i have been in this situation before...i think first off..this girl shouldnt need her friends approval to like you, or even just be good friends. but you said that you have kind of changed you personality in the past few days i think you should use that for the better to boost your confidence. i think that if you really like this girl you should, wether her friends like it or not, talk to her, just a general convorsation. you no...how was your summer, what have you been doing lately, things like that


As for her friends, i dont think you should be like, rude or anything, but maybe just kind of say "hey is there a reason why you have a problem with me and *this girl*" or something like that, or maybe just try getting to no her friends better, that way they wouldnt judge you


hope some of this helped

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She likes you!


Don't ask her friends anything. Just ignore them unless they speak to you.


Just walk straight up to her and ask her out. You've known each other for a long time so it should be easier.


If you keep waiting like you've been doing she'll lose interest and somebody else will get there before you.


Good luck.

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Alright guys, well here's a little update. Yesterday I basically went up to her and her best friend (the one who does not like me) was basically like "oh look who it is" and the girl I like turned around, refusing to talk to me. She's been doing this a few times now, so I thought I'd leave them alone but when I started to walk away, she turned around and blushed, and just looked at me. So what I'm thinking is that she likes me, but just doesn't want to talk yet.


And today a lot more happened. I went up to her in the morning and it looked as if she wanted to talk to me but her friend said "go away", which, after a while, I did.


We made eye contact throughout the day but didn't talk again. Howdver, after 4th period, I was talking to a few of my friends in the hallway, and a friend came up to me and said "she wants to talk to you". Let's say her name is Jenna, which is not her real name, but she was literally 5 feet behind me.


I made the big mistake and didn't go up to her. But here's whats interesting, her 2 best friends, who I now know ride my bus every other day because of family reasons, sat in front me today on the bus. So me being me, I talked almost the whole way home, being both annoying and funny. And at one point they took a picture of me, which was very weird.


When I made this post I said I was going to put an end to this saga by Friday, and I will. Tomorrow is do or die, do you guys have any further advice? Also, on top of that, I have had her phone number for a long time, should I call her sometime? I'm thinking it'd be best not too.


Thanks again, and any further advice would help, either way this thing is coming to an end tomorrow.

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