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Ladies, Do You Ask The Man To Be Your Boyfriend??

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NEVER ask the guy to be your boyfriend. That turns the majority of men off - it means they've won the chase. And for most, it's the thrill of the chase and getting the woman that is the exciting bit. However, if he really does like you he will want to take things further.

And if the wants to do that, he will definitely, unequivocally, let you know.


You can play the game a little bit on your end though to make him look at you with more longing eyes...

a few key thing here:

- always keep them guessing / spontaenaity, etc

- look good

- mix up your fashion style (the keep them guessing bit!)

- make sure his attention and thoughts are on YOU (which means he won't be thinking of other girls ... and when he stops thinking of other girls he will think he's in love - or on the way to it..)

- make sure - if you're at that stage - he is sexually satisifed (this is tricky though; if you're already having sex then it's already kinda serious...). the more he is happy with you in bed, the more he wants you in bed and no one else.

- don't be too available - show that you're in high demand and have a good social network


he'll come begging before you know it

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With my girlfriend i was way to nervous to tell her how i felt about her. I knew she felt the same way about me that i felt about her. We where on a date, went to a classical choir and live orchestra thing. I had told her that i had something to tell her, trying to force my self to finally speak up. Night was coming to an end with her dad waiting to pick her up. I wrap my arms around her to give her a hug goodbye and while i was pulling out of it i kissed her right smack dab on the lips (Didn't even plan that, it just happened). Lol i was so nervous that i couldn't even kiss, my lips just touched hers and she did the kissing part. Man that's an awesome feeling. You know what they say, actions speak louder then words.

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