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cant help but flirt...

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im in a relationship and i love him very much, but i have always been an extremley flirtatious person. i no that i shouldn't be flirting now that i have had this boyfriend for 9 months or so, but flirting is almost like a natural reaction around guys and i cant help but do so... most of the time i dont even no i am flirting and my friends end up calling me on it. i no that it can really bug my boyfriend if he sees it...and that is perfectly understandable....i guess my question is.... is something rong with me? should i be like this?

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You should not be like that if it will destroy a good relationship. Maybe you should be wondering why you do it. Sometimes it can come from being insecure - and needing constant reassurance that you are attractive.

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I've known lots of girls with boyfriends that will still flirt with other guys. I don't think there is anything wrong with it as long as you don't become intimate in any kind of way while you're doing. I mean, not even extended eye contact, or touching a guy anywhere than his arm.

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Yes, you should definetly change your ways. I just broke up from my gf because of her ways. She would constantly flirt with other guys, and she would even hug them. She told me that I need to understand that she doesn't really like them and that she is also just the kind of person that hugs everyone. F that and her. That isn't right and it isn't normal if you supposedly have only one man. Anyway, it doesn't sound like you are as bad as her though. At least you don't cheat, or I hope not.

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Umm...I don't see anything wrong with hugging guy friends. But I can see how being overly flirtatious can bother your significant other. BUT there is a fine line between friendly and overly flirty and everyone eventually needs to learn how to walk it without causing offense to the ones they care about.

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