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Immediate Support Needed

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I have a job interview in 1 hour and i am freaking out. I really want this job. It's with an awesome company and I feel like I'm gonna blow it.


I lied and said that I was still employed but I got fired from my last job a week ago also I was supposed to interview yesterday but I had to reschedule. I already plan on telling the interviewer that I was terminated but I don't want to sound like a liar. The fact that the interviewer was willing to rescxhedule is a good sign right?


Any comments to calm my nerves or input would be great.




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Create a default. A loof that you retreat to when you don't know what else to do. A hint of a smile, a look right at the persons eyes, an unwrinkled brow. You don't know what to do, bang, go right to this look and think about what to say.


If you have nervous moments and retreat to a confident look, you will buy yourself a few moments to create a good answer.

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I had an interview yesterday too. Try looking at it this way: the interviewer wants to fill the position just as much as you want to be the one to take it. Accentuate the positives in your background, the things that would make you an asset to this company, and don't focus on why you were fired. Look at it as an opportunity rather than a problem - now you can get out there and find an even better job! It might not be this one but there are plenty out there. Good luck!

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Answer each question fully and truthfully. I've found if my hands start shaking for being nervous I use them to illustrate while I talk and it works in two ways. Usually the other person can't tell they're shaking while in motion, and hand motion a lot of people take as a sign of feeling comfortable and at ease. Or so I've been told after doing interviews, speeches and general presentations.


Eye contact, eye contact. Main key. Even if you're nervous make sure to make as much as possible when you speak, act like it is them you are talking directly to in a serious conversation. Yet, don't get right in their face too up close and personal, that may backfire.


As said, Smile and Laugh if applicable. Just act as at ease as you can, being quiet and frowning without a peep unless asked and so forth doesn't always do good, especially if you're going for a people oriented job here.


Oh, Shake hands where needed. Always remember a good firm handshake. Don't crunch the hand but don't make it sloppy. That is one of the worst things you can do is a sloppy handshake.


Make sure to dress well for the interview. I know a lot of people say you can go casual and what not, but it is best to make a first and lasting impression. Even if you think you're a little overdressed its better than underdressed in most serious interviews.


Also, eh, depending where you're going some employers have this thing about jewelry - especially rings. Don't know if that applies to you but some are against too much of it. Just a thought.


Last but not least, make sure to put thought into your answer. Don't spend ten minutes thinking about it but you don't have to spit something out immediately right there and then. Usually its better to take a few seconds of thought but not too hesistant because then it may be thought of as "I have no idea but I'm working hard here trying to make it up.", but enough that you had a good in depth answer which is clear cut, or simple and clear if need be for the question. Just make sure it isn't confusing or such.

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A Graet Big Thank You to Jinx, a fever dreamed and Beec!


I appreicate your support and advice. It helped calm my nerves and I believe that I did pretty well with the interview. Now, I'm waiting to be scheduled for a second interview. As always, everyone here is really fatastic and I am truly thankful for this forum.

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