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I feel CREEPY!


When I was 13 a man tried to force himself upon me! I keep that locked away somewhere in my head!


Arghhh! I feel like loads of insects are creeping all over my body!


Is there anyway we can definitely know how old the person is we are talking to?


Could webcam help?




Thanks for your help Jna

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I would have to agree that anyone younger than 18 is jailbait here in the USA. If there were sexual acts performed, one could go to jail for it.


Could you explain your situation to us?


Webcam may help. Are you meeting people online and they are much younger than yourself? I've given up on the whole "meeting people online" thing. I had a bad experience. You just never know who you are getting or if they are who they say they are. At this point in time, I think meeting people online is not the best idea!

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