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Should i tell him or no?

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Well a while ago i was seeing this guy. we always had a great time together and ive just been feeling like hes ignoring me lately. i have a new bf..and he doesnt know that, so i know thats not the reason for him not talking to me. even if he did know, i dont think hed mind much because we both agreed it would be impossible for us to date(numerous reasons that i really cant explain lol) ive called him lots of times(i havent in almost a week though) and we talk a bit and then he just says hes gotta go, call him tomorrow..or he says ill call u back and hes never called me back. i just got sick of it and now ive decided im not calling him..again! if he wants to talk to me, he should call me, right? idk..should i tell him how i feel or just dont contact him and see if he wants to talk to me?

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Yeah i dont think u should call. Maybe hes interested in another girl or he might even have a girlfriend now. Just like u havnt told him about your bf..he probably hasnt told you about his gf. Or i could be totally wrong, but i say dont call, wait to see if he calls..and when he calls, then u should probably just ask why he's been acting strange. I also think u should also let him know that u have a bf now and see what he says.

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