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Can someone Help shed some light on the situation...

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Ok I have a really great male friend. He and I share something really special, we care way to much about one another, and it causes us to fight alot. We'll go out of the way to attack one another. Say things that shouldn't be said. We just seem to know how to hurt one another really easy. I'm just worried that the next time we argue/fight will be the last time. I don't want to lose him, he's such a great friend and such an important person to me.


We had a fight the other day I can't remember what it was over but he turned to me and said that I don't appreciate him and what he does for me, and that he wished he had let me leave his life before. Now that hurt alot. I rang him and he said he knows how much I appreciate him and care for him. And that I make him feel special. But we keep attacking one another it's driving me nuts, he'll start of angry at me and cause he's angry I'll say something mean and it goes back and forth until one of us fixes things.


I do appreciate what he does for me and he's told me he knows that, so why would he say that I don't and tell me that he knows I do? I'm so confused. Can anyone help me here, advice, opinions, cause it's really getting me down. I've asked him why it happens and he says it cause we care so much about one another. It's so frustrating.

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I would suggest backing off from your friend for a while. It's good to be friends, but maybe you guys became a little too good of friends.


I have a theory that a good friendship requires respecting each other enough not to get so close that you feel you don't have to respect them anymore. Does that make sense? It seems like some people get so close to each other that they feel like they can say or do anything, no matter how rude or offensive, and everything will be fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how strong a friendship is, if you antagonize each other enough then your relationship could fall apart. Friendships aren't unbreakable; they must be maintained by mutual respect.


I would say to just ease off on hanging out with this guy for a while. Hopefully soon you will both remember why you became friends in the first place, and start having fun again.

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