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i hate my parents

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ive moaned and complained a lot about my parents on here, but this time i have a real life situation to deal with. i used to be all bad, and disregarded my parents in everything they said. but now i try, i obey, i do just about everything they ask of me, and they know when im gone, and where i am when im gone. my parents have always had something against "american girls".. im originated from Romania, and traditionally... romanians go with romanians. my dad told me that i should stop hanging out with american girls, and if i find a romanian girl that i like, he doesnt mind if i talk to her and whatever. and ive always liked american girls.. but i guess now, ive really fallen for this girl from my church. i met her at my favorite store.. abercrombie, and i said hi, then we didnt talk for a month and a half, and then started talking at church. then we talked on the phone, and one day i asked my mom if i could go hang out with her. my mom was fine with it. so we started hanging out like 3-4 times a week, and my parents really didnt complain or anything. they did sometimes, when id get home a little late, but thats it. and i really got attached to her, and i really love her. my parents dont know that. they just know were hanging out. and suddenly, last week, my parents suddenly have a serious problem with me seeing her. now they say that i shouldnt be talking to any girls at all until i want to get married, and that people will frown upon us from church if they find out that were seeing eachother. my parents once took the spark plug wire off my car, and currently they have my license plates in their possession so i cant leave to see her. and its really hard for me... knowing that i can see her, but my parents are keeping me from it. i miss her so much. every day is just hell with my parents doing this to me. ive done everything they want, and more.. and all i ask is that i can go see my wonderful girl.. and i cant have that.. someone please help me.

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Wow, that hella sucks man. Your going to have ask why there against "American girls". Let me tell you, arranged marriages are not good. Sure there good for keeping the family pure and stuff. My friend is pure Greek. His parents had an arranged marriage and he will have to have an arranged marriage sometime in his life. And his parents are like roommates, they just pay for the house and live together ---they live there own life pretty much. When they spend time with my friend they basically don't acknowledge each other unless it's about dinner, bills, and simple things. It must be hell emotionally, and I wouldn't be surprised if people in arranged marriages cheat .


Your going to have to tell your parents that you've done everything they've wished for, and you've got nothing in return. I'm guessing there strict so you might have to sneak out and stuff if you want to see her.


People will NOT frown upon you from church if they see that you 2 are together. It's not like your gay then they WOULD be more likely to frown upon you. Your parents are just trying to brainwash you there, that's a bunch of crap.



If you could explain to me more in detail of your parents that'd be great. I could give a better response that way.

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well, yeah.. i guess in a way it is arranged.. wow, it sucks to think about it like that... romanians suck. buut.... about the sneaking out part, thats why ive been trying to avoid... i really have, i wanted to do this my parents way. but if it turns to that, then i guess i have no choice, because i really will do anything for her.

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well when your 18 you can see who you want when you want, try asking your parents, what if (the other parent) was from america, would they still love each other? hopefully they'll see that it doesnt matter, can you still see her at church, that might be a good option. tell your parents how you feel, how you love her and you really dont want to sneak around but you want there approval. i hope things work out

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nonono, my parents would freak out if they found out how i felt about her. uuhm, i hope i didnt make it sound like i have to bring someone from romanian here when i get married... it just has to be someone thats romanian in general. im going to talk to her, and see what she things about the whole sneaking out thing. the one thing i like about this is that her mom is really really awesome. her dad is a lot nicer than my parents, but he is just as strict when it comes to talking to guys.. so he doesnt even know we're seeing eachother.

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Well yeah, I wouldn't blame the dad for being strict about his daughter meeting guys. A lot of guys take advantage of girls and some girls don't pick up on it. Like for example a guy can easily rape a girl by asking her to "hang out in his room" and some girls don't think of it as anything that bad (I read it in another post recently, someone wrote about that happening).


Oh yeah I thought you meant it in another way man. Oh so your parents don't care if your "friends" with an american girl who's not romanian. But they get involved when they find out that you have feelings for her and she's not romanian? Well if so, that's hella stupid.


So correct me if I'm wrong, you started to hang out with your girl a lot and then as it progressed your parents suspected that you 2 were getting intimate so they got involved.


So, just see what your gf thinks of sneaking out and such.

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no, they just dont want me to have any contact with any girls that arent romanian. period. but yeah.. i will talk to her. sneaking out did pass through my head, but i didnt really think id resort to it. thank you dpress, i appreciate your concern. and thanks MetallicAguy... this isnt the first time youve helped me out, and i really appreciate it.

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