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Loving someone and being obsessed (define the two please)

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I met this girl 3 days ago at a salsa club.. now I can't stop thinking about her . how great she was, her smile everything seemed so right.. I am worried that is that obsession or this is liking someone a lot... I usually get the two confused...I like this girl a lot, she seemed wonderful I didn't get any email or phone number from her .. this is pretty much what happened link removed .. it is really eating thinking that all this maybe a mirage and maybe I was just some guy she danced with.. please help me.. how do you overcome those feeling and get your mind straight.. when I do think of her I get butterflies in my stomack.. please tell me..



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It's natural to feel that kind of feeling. In a way it's guilt.

I feel that about losing touch with my old friends too. I loose touch and I get the sick feeling in my tummy because I know I probably will never see them again.

But you know what? Some people say everything happens for a reason.

Other wonderful girls will come along, and next time - ask for their number

Dont worry, it happens to us all at some point.

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thanx for the replies.. I am not sure if you clicked that link that I put in my post... I am ging to see her again.. in a few days... ironically I might even find a job at where she works.. I dun feel like this because I didn't get her number.. its because she seemed so perfect... and I dun wanna build something for myself out of her based on air or just a smile she gave me.. how do you know when you are obsessed with a person, or do you really like them.. right now I am in a position in my life that I see I can share my life with someone and without them I dun feel complete.. and this feeling happens every time someone that I find interesting come along things seem to be going fine ,, then I get attached and when least is expected ..they blew me off somehow... I just dun wanna feel like this about every girl that come along.. I hope this explains my question better

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its weird cuz you know like when i become close to someone and we r friends. then out of no where they tell me they like me then, im in shock and even tho i didnt think of them like that or have liked them at all. i just start to like them and we end up being together... can sum 1 help me with this 1? thats really weird...

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I am not sure what the problem is here... If you are attracted to someone, you either follow it up or you don't...


Something becomes an obsession when you do (or do not do) something out of fear.


Taking the necessary (usually small) steps, maintaining your 'sense of balance' or 'integrity', and fear/obsession does not take hold.


There is no obsession when you are 'all here'. There is nothing to be obsessed by or about.

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