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What to do...what to think?

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I'm a reservist in the army and I'm doing basic training during the this ongoing summer. I made friends with one of the guys on course and we had sex, he had torn the ligaments in his leg, and the next day he left course in the middle of the day. I never got his e-mail adress or anything. He kind of had a girlfriend but they wern't offically dating or anything. I dunno it's just now I have a 2 days off and I keep thinking about what happened. I gave him my e-mail adress earlier it could very well have been lost or he could have just nopt bothered to contact me. I don't even know what advice I'm asking for and I don't even know if I would contact him is I could it's weird like that I just feel like I need to sort through whats going on in my little brain. Please respond similar experiences, male perspective would be nice, etc.

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Honestly stay away from men in service especially if you're in one. My father was in the military and there are so many girls who had so many ambition to make the military a great career but screwed it up by getting involved, pregnant and end up getting kicked out.


I'm not saying all guys are bad but it's like with any job...don't mix dating and work in the same place. That's the only thing I can tell you right now. Seeing my cousin go through some rough times after she got out of the Navy shortly after joining and giving birth to another sailor...it's sad yet but it's the reality...

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I agree. From my experience every guy in that area have some horror stories about treating girls like CRAP.

How can you "kinda" have a girlfriend? Furthermore, how can you have a girlfriend but not be dating her? Thats a contradiction. The guys a cheater.

DO NOT get involved with him. If he does it to her he will do it to you!

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