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First Gyno Appt.!!!

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Oh how fun!!!! Well, I was really nervous the first time I went, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Just remember they've seen it all MANY MANY times!! It can be a little uncomfortable, but the more you are able to relax the easier it will be. I'm sure your mom has told you everything there is. Your doc will do a breast exam and an internal exam. Make sure he/she warms up the speculum!!! Just take deep breaths before they come in if you are nervous, but you will be fine!!

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Your doctor will do the normal vital signs, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, breaths per minute, and will ask you some questions. She'll feel your lymph nodes in your neck and underarms. She may ask you to open your mouth and say AH. She'll want to know the date your last period started, and if you've had any problems with irregular periods, heavy periods, cramping, etc. Any other problems.


She will want to know if you are sexually active, and if you are using protection.


Then she will have you remove your clothes and put on a paper gown. You'll be asked to lie on your back on the table. Your feet will go in stirrups at the end of the table and you'll be asked to scoot down with your bottom to the bottom of the table.


Your gyno will give you a breast exam, meaning she will palpate both of your breasts in a circular motion and check your nipples. She'll ask if you have noticed any lumps over changes in them over your cycle.


Next she will move down to your peri area. She will exam your vulva. She will then insert a tool called a speculum into your vagina. This will most likely be plastic, but could be metal. She'll lube it up, and when she inserts it, it helps to take some deep breaths. The more tense you are, the more tight you will be.


Once she's inserted the speculum, she will adjust it to be able to see your cervix. She will take a swab (like a long Q tip) and she will swipe some cells from your cervix (called a pap smear) This is slightly uncomfortable, and again, deep breaths help. This is to test your cervical cells for cancer or possible HPV.


After she's gotten the sample, she will remove the speculum. She will then lube and insert two fingers into your vagina and put her other hand on your abdomen. She will palpate your vagina and cervix, while pressing on your belly. This lasts about 5-7 seconds. Deep breaths.


After that, you should be done! You can get dressed and go home.


Good luck and hope it goes by quick!

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I'm wondering how far does the speculum go in? i was gonna post but this looks like its aleady on the topic, (sorry for asking but my gf will be going to one shortly and is pretty scared about it)


There are various sizes....you don't feel how "far it goes in" as much as it opening your vagina for them to inspect it.


Not terribly comfortable, but not terrible.


And she should be blessed, they usually use plastic ones now, much more comfortable then the metal ones they used to use & sometimes still do use, and I got the "pleasure" of enduring many times. My doctor even warms up the speculum

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I believe they insert it 3-4", but as Ray Kay said, you can't feel the depth so much as it "opening" your vagina up to get a good look at the mouth of the cervix.


It's not the best feeling in the world, but if you take some deep breaths and try to relax, it should be just mildly uncomfortable.


Good luck!

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HOPE75... good write up.


Best advice... relax.. start a conversation up regarding the weather or whatever. Count celing tiles. Or talk to the gyno about how the ceiling would make excellent advertising space! Anything not to think about it.


You'll be fine. Its quick & Its painless.


Funny Story: I once had a Gyno that looked like George Cloony... I had to really concentrate on distracting myself and thinking about BASEBALL GAMES...Football games... anything but George Cloony.


And one time.. I had a gyno that was teeny tiny... about 5 foot nothing... with teeny tiny hands... OMG.. I had visions of him getting lost in the GRAND CANYON... he was such a teeny guy and his hands so little.. it freaked me out.. totally. Never went back to him.


I've always stayed with female Gyno's.. who better knows our system and our horomones and empatizes better than another woman???? am I right.

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