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Ok so I have been dating my gf for about 1 month and a half and everything has been really good so far. We trusted eachother and told eachother everything, basically we got along really well. She told me not to talk to her old best friend because she and her werent friends anymore, so I stopped talkin to her old friend. But then a couple days ago my gf came online and we were talking and then her old bestfriend came on and her best friend started to talk to me. I knew I couldnt talk to her so I kept telling her to leave me alone cause my gf didnt want me to talk to her, but then she told me that my gf said that me and her could talk cause they were friends again. I foolishly believed her and I started to talk to her and my gf got mad at me. She then broke up with me and said that I lied to her and all that stuff. I tried to apologize and I ended up bringing her flowers and we got back together. But she still has problems now with trusting me, she says she still loves me though. I love her more than anything in the world and I have tried over and over again to tell her that I would never do something like that again and that it was a mistake and I was fooled by her friend. She says she can never trust me again and all that stuff. So my question is how do I gain her trust back?? I never meant to hurt her or lie to her, I would never hurt her in any way on purpose and I told her that but she doesnt believe me?? what should I do??

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Tell her that she can either choose to believe you or not. She broke with her friend for a reason - maybe because the ex friend would pull stunts like that - so she should believe you.


She is being very immature (don't tell her that). Tell her that trust is a two way street - that you need to be able to trust that when you tell her something she is going to believe it. You didn't lie, you were deceived. She should accept that and let it go.


Be careful that you don't allow her to act in this way - it is very controlling behaviour. She should not have told you not to talk to her ex friend - she should have asked.

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