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what the hell is this?????

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ok this is embarrassing but it just wont go away so here goes, sometimes i have like big zits on my butt cheeks and they have the periods in which i have them and periods when i dont have them but one things for damn sure i need to stop them from growing anymore. does anyone (a) know what the things are and (b) how do i get rid of them??

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I don't think anyone here could tell you for sure. Have you seen a dermatologist about it? There's probably some kind of topical cream or something you can use to treat them once you find out what it is. Also, if you want to get some possible answers try link removed.

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eat less sweets things with less sugar in them!


I think that's an old wive's tale. I doubt there's any truth to that.


If they are zits then it probably has to do with the pore getting clogged either from sebaceous glands secreting oils and clogging the pore or from an ingrown hair.


I'm not a dermatologist, so that would be your best bet, as suggested.

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I used to get pimples on my upper back. I bought a full body anti-pimple shower gell. It'll cost about $10 for one bottle, but if you use it on a sponge and wash just that ara with it it, it will go a long way.


Basically, you just need to be drying out the built up oils from the area. Soap doesnt usually help this as much a pimple wash. However, consistant washing will make the oil rate go down until you can get some anti-pimple body wash.

Good luck!

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personal beauty secret thats totally cheap: black soap. you can apprently even use it to clean your hair! but i used to use it on my face and back (used to have mild acne on my back) and it worked really well so it would probably work for that area as well. the only thing is that they may not be pimples...could be heats? but you could try some type of acne treatment see what happens. or see a derm to find out for sure but really i mean it should bother you too much, i mean how noticeable is going to be to a girl.

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