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Should i take this friendship farther?

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Ok, I am going to try to explain the situation as well as i can. I was a councelor at a camp about 2 weeks ago. I met this nice girl there. We talked a bit, nothing much, and exchanged information at end. We started talking online, and found out we had LOTS of things in common, i still cant think of something we disagree on... She told me that she feels very comfortable around me, and says its funny that we barely know each other, but in the other hand we do know each other very well. We are both very open-minded. we have never been in a true relationship before, so it would be a first for both of us, lots of opportunities to learn. Yesterday night, i went over to her place, and we sat on a bench on a lake and we talked for a few hours. Then went back to her house and had some food.


I have never had someone like this to talk to before, and i am wondering if i should take what we have to the next step. But i am scared of loosing what i have if something goes wrong. We can talk for hours, theres always something to talk about. Its so easy to talk to her somehow, and im usually shy around girls. She trusts me, has confidence, can talk to me without stressing. Just feels like the right person for me...


I would appreciate any input and or comments.

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I know exactly how you feel, my advice would be to sort of ease it into a normal ocnversation as a hypothetical. By the sounds of the way you get along currently, I dare say if one has feelings and the other doesnt it wont change anything between you. There is always that chance but if we don't take chances we don't get anywhere

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Haha, yeah i was wondering if you'd get that given you had "uber" in ur name. Another one is "There are 10 types of people in the world...those that understand binary and those that don't"


Good luck with this, just try to keep it light and subtle, avoid blurting it out and it should be fine.

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I'm not sure exactly, I've sometimes had the conversation turn to friendships or some friend of the opposite sex and if I'm trying to bring up the topic of relationships, I'll maybe say something like "Gotta feel sorry for 's b/f after establishing a humurous reason for it. Then I ask something along the lines of "Do you ever wonder what it'd be like to date one of your friends?".


OK this sounds really crap, and its not a verbatim quote or anything...think of it as a very rough guideline. It gives the basic gist of things.

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yea i get what ur saying, hehe. Itl prolly come naturally in one of the conversations seeing how we are.. its like we can read our minds, lol.


EDIT: when i read ur post the 1st time, i thought u said "have u ever thought wat it'd be like if I dated one of ur friends?" lol. Read it 2nd time, got it right, hehe. Really sounded weird 1st time tho

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