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I wish I wasn't so addicted to sex.

I can't believe how stupid I've turned out.

I don't have AIDS, I don't have kids. I haven't messed around with lots of girls. But my problem is different.

Last night, a girl I knew called me and we chatted, eventually I agreed to come over to her place at 12 oclock.

I waited until my dad was taking his midnight shower, and my mom was already in bed. I snuck out of the house, but left the door open. (gate was locked, however.)

Snuck out and drove the family vehicle to the girls house. I didn't realize that both my parents heard me take off. My only thought was: doing it with the girl.

So after I spent time with the girl I found out that the doors were locked, and I knew that my mom and dad found out. House was quiet, and immediately when I stepped inside, my parents told me to come to their room.

What followed next was hell. I went through the wringer, basically.

Sunday was spent helping my mom do errands and I was trapped in the car (same car I drove) while listening to her MOUTH lecture on and on all day. I made some mistakes and said some things (because I was irritated from the lectures) that continued to get on her nerves. Now as I'm typing this I jeapordized the family because of my impulsiveness to have a good time with a girl that I'm not in a relationship with. Leaving the door open is unacceptable, and yet I did it. So yeah, I'm getting what I deserved. The sex with the girl wasn't worth all of this.


I won't like it (maybe at first) but I think I should really practice abstinence, and become good at it. But how do you erase or subdue thoughts of sex from your mind? Sex is the number one thing distracting me from doing the more important things in life. Socializing, working on websites, career preparation, family assisting, planning for future obligations. Saving money! Without a doubt I am addicted to sex. I surfed the net for nasty sites, and once I got my own computer I did it alot. I bought videos, joined email groups that were planning to host sex parties. Went on craigslist to browse the casual encounters. And now, doing something stupid like leaving when my parents hear me..just so that I could have fun with a girl. I really, really want this to stop.


Originally I was addicted to playing computer games. But that diminished because I wasn't doing enough in my social life. Now that I realized that having lots of sex contributes to my social life, I am STUCK ON THAT.

So, really how do de-sex your thoughts?

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Face it...you're 24 and have tons of testosterone and horniness pent up inside you. However, stating that you haven't messed around with many girls doesn't imply that you are addicted. There's nothing wrong with thinking about sex constantly - everyone goes through the same thing - including women. Some of the filthiest minds I came to know were that of a female ;-)


Secondly, you are 24 which should mean that you are an adult, so this whole "sneaking out" thing makes no sense. Maybe this is your wake up call to finally leave the nest.


Maybe you should start exploring just having more friendships and becoming more social. It doesn't have to equate to sex all the time and in this day and age, you definitely don't want to have one-night stands or booty calls with someone who could possibly be diseased.


Again, I think it just sounds like you are manifesting all this pent up, anti-social behavior into something that is unfulfilling like porn sites. Sounds like to need a girlfriend or maybe your right hand for awhile if you know what I mean.

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You really need to move out on your own. You are 24 years old for goodness sakes.


OK... said you were addicted to Playing computer games.. and now you feel your head is burried to deep into sex. (no pun)..


Sounds like you have some obsessive compulsive behavior. Gotta love modern terminology.. they have a name for everything today don't they.


Ok.. redirect your energy. REDIRECT IT. Get yourself a piece of paper and start writing friend. WHAT will it take to get you out on your own?????


A JOB. ok.. go find a job. goal is to get money to get out. To get out to have more sex. So... direct energy to that end.


Second.. once you have enough money... what wil you need to get out... where ???? etc etc.. then let that be your obsession.


ONCE out.. guarenteed... you will have to spend energy to exist on your own... to house, clothe and feed yourself.. your computer obsessions will be minor. Once you get up and out... then you can find your self the real deal... and then romance the HECK out of her...


REDIRECT and channel your energies elsewhere.


And if you seriously seriously thing its a problem ..where you can't kick it alone... then start looking for info on SEXUAL obsessions... or the like. There are groups like AA groups for SEXAHOLICS. And they will help you find ways to REDIRECT.

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God, now dont hate me for saying this

The best way is to jump on your computer, delete ALL the porn. Block all the porn sites. Start using that great little thing called your imagination.


I've had a day where I was going through a friends directory of porn videos and MAN I was messed up at the end of the day, Im relativly low on sex drive and even I was thinking about sex all the time. So getting rid of the porn would be best first step.


The next thing to consider is distractions. Once you start thinking sexy thoughts, think about something completely unsexy. For example, Ronald Mcdonald doing the macarena. LOL.

Or pick up an animal and start petting it, that usually de-arouses any non-bestiality fan I've found.


Good luck ^_^

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For example, Ronald Mcdonald doing the macarena. LOL.

Or pick up an animal and start petting it, that usually de-arouses any non-bestiality fan I've found.


ROFL, funniest quote ever. Hoever also true...the best thing to do is to ditch the porn from you computer, and make it so the effort needed to open a porn site isn't worth it.

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Not sure what background this person has but some cultures do keep their son until the age of 30 and is accepted...then again in the US it seems like the earlier, the better...I just wouldn't jump to conclusion that he has a problem because he's 24 and is living with his parents.

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Not at all side-hop. But in most every country in the world he would be consdiered an adult. I understand the culture thing. And when in Rome.. you do as the romans do. Within every household there are rules...for the greater good of the family... and he broke them. Fine. If he finds that these rules are confining..then he needs to make the move and spread his wings.


I'd be interested in an answer to the question... is there a cultural thing here going on???? my guess is..that he's following the HOUSE RULES. Which again.. are for the greater good of all.

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