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Age difference among others

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I dated a girl last year, my senior year in high school, that was a freshman. We broke up right before I went to college. I got to know all of her friends and still talk to one of them daily. There's another one that I talk to every once in a while that I've sorta fell for. She's 15 soon to be 16, a junior in high school, and I'm 18, soon to be 19, in my 2nd year of college. I talked to her today and helped her with a problem she was having with her ex-boyfriend. It felt really good talking to her and I know she has had a crush on me ever since we got to know each other. We have a lot in common and get along great, etc.


I feel weird asking her on a date or to do something because of the age gap and the connection we have together; the ex-girlfriend. The only thing that makes it seem better is the fact that I will be playing a sport at my college, which will give me an additional 2 years because of 4 years of eligibity and 1 redshirt year. We will end up being a 1 year difference in school instead of 3 years.


I don't know why but I keep on becoming interested in younger girls. I would love to date girls my age but I seem to keep falling for the younger ones. I don't know what to do.

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Don't worry about falling for younger girls. If you both like each other then ask her out. Girls mature faster than boys so that shouldn't cause you a problem. Where sex is concerned wait until she's the legal age and she's ready.


I hope everything works out for you.


Take care.

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The only problem I can see here is the legal side of anything sexual. Just wait until she is 16 before doing anything like that and it should be fine. The age gap is trivial, and while I would expect a certain amount of teasting from ut mates initially, they'll get over it very quickly Good luck

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