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At what age did you start masterbating/get ur 1st orgasm?

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hey everyone! I was just talking about this with my bf earlier this week, and I got wondering....

1- At what age do most ppl start masterbating?

2- How old were you when you got ur 1st orgasm?

I hope this isnt asking to know too much...


I guess I'll answer 1st.... I 1st masterbated when I was about 14 and had my 1st orgasm at 15.....

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The first time I had masterbated was also the first time I had orgasmed.

Problem being, was I barely even knew what sex was at this point in time, and I definatly had NO idea what masterbating was.

It was all a pure accident.

I was 10 when this occurred, and I don't find that disturbing, just rather humerous considering I didnt know what a vagina was/didnt know it even existed. I didnt really know what sex was, and I had no idea my clitorous was even sensitive until i started to itch at it once.


Mind you, I didn't do it again for a very long time Experiencing your first orgasm at that age is beyond frightening.

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I first masturbated when I was 5, but I didn't know it. I hear that this isn't uncommon though...that children often discover masturbation but are told to suppress it, forget it, or just don't know what it is until later.


I first orgasmed when I was 8...maybe 10 or 11? I can't remember. Again, back then, I still didn't know what it was. I only discovered what it was when I was 11.

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Most of you may find this disturbing, but I've been masturbating ever since I can remember. When I was little, I used to rub a blanket between my legs and then I'd feel exhausted afterwards and it'd help me fall asleep. I had absolutely no idea what the heck I was doing until I was 14, almost 15. I didn't even know what exactly sex was before that age.


I've heard it's normal for young children to "experiment" with their bodies, so hopefully I'm not too much of a freak

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I started at about 12 and first orgasmed at 9... i know it sounds wrong but my first sexual experience (where I actually was saying yes) was when I was 9 and I orgasmed then. I didn't know what it was but still, I orgasmed. I started masturbating at 12 cos that was when I learnt about it and when I tried it I liked it.


Steff, maybe you aren't quite doing it right, but then again there really isn't a wrong way to do it. I guess if you just keep at it you'll eventually get there



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Me i was about 10.But i wish i never had like some people.Because i feel totally extremely disgusted after it i cant stand it.I regret it so much for some reason.I mean why should i do something that involves something and thoughts that i dont feel like im gonna be doing for a long time.

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i dont know when i first tried it... properly around the age of 15, and im nearly 18 at the moment and i still cant organism... i just dont know what im doing.... so i dont really do it any more.

If you're having trouble orgasming, it's probably because you're more focused on the mechanics of masturbation vs. sexual fantasies. Don't have any fantasies? Read anything by sex researcher Nancy Friday. She's surveyed thousands of women about their sexual fantasies and written about their general themes and plots. You're bound to find something of interest in one of her books.

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Hey everyone! I was just wondering, why do so many of u seem to have 1st started to masterbate at a young age? Why does that happen? Does the 'capacity'of having orgasms( small, big ones...) have anything to do with at what age you started masterbating and such?

thx lots!

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I am not sure at all waytoodown!And personally i hate it!I dont think it has anything to do with how big or small u orgasm but i am not quite too sure sorry i cant help much.I am not sure at all why it happened it just did it was weird and now i feel disgusted by it for some reason.

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I was about 12... that I remember.


And as to Amore's comment.. this is not uncommon.. sounds freakish. But children will find themselves by accident... its a comfort thing. No.. they don't know what it is they are doing. They know it feels good. Have a few friends with children who found themselves at a young age...


Yeah.. the idea freaked me out!! where did they learn that.. oMG...but then on further reading and asking questions.. these moms freaked too..and took their kids to the doctor. and were assured its quite normal.


As with most socially unacceptable behavior.. you need to redirect your child..and tell him to go to his/her room. Not a good idea to tell them its BAD.. you might maim them sexually. Same as if you were teaching your child its not appropriate behavior to pick his nose in public or pass gas etc.

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i think i was 10 or 11 when i first masturbated. i was just curious as to what sex would be like and tried to find a "substitute vagina" to practice on lol. i wasn't keen on using my hand cause i wanted to simulate the thrusting motion, which you can't really do well with your hand, but since i couldn't really find anything to thrust into, i just used my hand. i was obsessed with it at the time and got to orgasm on my 2nd night of trying. lol i remember freaking out a little cause i didn't know what the semen was and i hadn't exactly prepared for it, so i made a bit of a mess, but i got to clean it up without anybody in the house knowing. good times.


i never really felt guilty about it at all.

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I think I was eleven or so. It was definetely an accident. I was just sort of playing around then BAM. Orgasm. (I don't remember being aroused or anything. It just happened.) It scared the hell out of me. I had no idea what it was, and I was just in shock thinking, "what was that? oh my goodness, what WAS that??" I didn't try it again until a year later. After that, I didn't care what it was. I just knew that it felt great, and I wanted to do it. I did it a few times everyday at first. And now I just do it about once every few days. The funny thing is, I didn't even know what I was feeling was an orgasm until I was about thirteen!


I felt really freaked that I started so early, so I'm glad to find out it's perfectly normal. I've been kind of worried about this on and off throughout the years, like if something was wrong with me or maybe something happened to me that I couldn't remember to make me think about sex so early on. This post really laid those fears to rest. Thanks~

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I am new here, so, this seems like an interesting topic. I also see that I am a bit older than most of you.


I was about five when I started masurbating. At least that is the earliest that I remember. I didn't know then that it was a sexual thing. It just felt good, so I did it. It made me sleepy if I did it a lot. I think I always had orgasms too. It comforted me a lot.


When I was around 12-15 I learned what an orgasm was from romance novels. I'd read them, get turned on, and experience the rapture that was going on in the books. About that time is when I learned the "lingo" too, the other names like "cumming".


I was ashamed and thought I would go to hell in those days. I thought there was something wrong with me, and just knew that God would punish me. I had BIG GUILT feelings. I was lusting, etc...


I don't think that way any more. I think it is natural, and I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Religion has played a BIG part in making masturbation seem dirty and wrong. I think I had so much guilt because my parents were SUPER religious, and sex was not discussed at all. One time one of my parents left a book about masturbation on my bed, and I was TOTALLY shamed by it. I have no idea how they knew I was doing it, unless they observed me, which wouldn't have been a surprise. I was kind of obsessive with masturbating as a teenager and had multiple orgasms....like 20 or 30 within an hour time frame. I was HIGHLY excitable. I think one reason I was like that is because of the guilt I felt, it seemed to make me want it more for comfort. That, and the fact that it was something my parents obviously didn't want me doing.


I also had my first sexual experience at age 15, and I had an orgasm then, and the first time I had intercourse. Maybe that is because I already knew how? I don't know.


Anyway, that is the perspective of a 42 year old woman. By the way, I still do it...not nearly as much...and I still like it. I like the real thing MUCH more though.





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