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ive been with a guy for 4 months and i have been taking things slow im not jumping into things, but today he told me he loved me and i was like what? and he didnt say anything anymore! i dont love him i like him but i dont love him. What hurts more someone telling u they love u when they dont or someone not saying it back at all??? i know he really meant something to him because he has never told any of his ex girlfriends that he loves them and he always talks about how he doesnt love any girl except for his mother that that will be the only female he ever loves so i know he thought about it before he said it and now i know he really really cares for me but i care for him too but i dont love him so i dont know what to do! help me anyone please thanks so much

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Tell him the truth. Tell him that you really do care about him but that you haven't fallen in love yet. I know he'll be a little hurt but it's better than saying you love him when it's a lie!


Take your time. You'll know when it's right to say those three little words to someone.


Take care.

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