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GF had a horrible pain in lower stomach...Lasted for hours

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My girlfriend recently had what she described as "an explosive pain near her ova." She was in pain for 2-3 hours and couldn't walk or move at all, but she is fine now. She hit her period that day, but even she said that was the worst feeling she has ever felt. She wanted to go to the ER, because it felt life threatening to her. I saw her the night before she hit her period and we kept fooling around and she was completely turned on. But we couldn't find an opportunity to have sex.

Anyways, after her pain left she as horny as ever and we had sex several times, and she was bleeding like crazy. She was scared by how much blood she was losing and so was I, but we didn't bother doing anything. It's now been a week since then, and she continues to be that much hornier. I don't what's going up with her, but I just needs a little insight on what it could be. We were thinking she had a cyst on one of her ova and it ruptured, but I heard that can be quite threatening. I don't know...I love to hear any and all responses to this.


Thank you

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I could sit here and theorise on what it could be all night, bottom line is, I can't see her and even if I could I'm not a doctor...you need to take ther to see someone NOW. The fact the pain has subsided suggests it might not be lifethreatening, but either way, don't stuff around and take her to see someone.

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