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This is going to be long i think, so bear with me here.


You can read some of my posts from awhile back, about how the girl i loved broke up with me, and decided we needed time apart because of all the fighting we were doing constantly. Mostly over my immaturies, but anyways.


So 3 months ago we broke up, stopped talking, i couldn't deal with her seeing other guys, while still wanting to work things out with me. So i cut communication. Fast forward to a month ago. We havn't talked in 2 months and i get a text message from her, with stuff about if i still think about her, etc. So we start talking again, and she wants to meet up. We do that, and its like we first met again, both falling back in love with eachother. She saw a guy, nothing happened, all she could do was think about me, etc. I saw a girl, same scenerio. She's 20 i'll be 22.


Trying to make this short, we ended up getting back together. Mind you weve been dating for 2.5 years. Now, here lies the problem. There was this person who i did not like from the start, before i ever knew her. He was from my highschool and i really hated this person. Aparently he was a very close family friend, and his parents were friends with her parents. He came around, and i refused to be around when he did. I never made it aparent to her mother, but she knew.


Now, her mother is a very unloving person. She has hit and pushed the girl i love many times, and is like a time bomb. One day she is OK the next she wants nothing to do with her own daughter. Her father goes along with the mother so he doesn't have to listen to it from her. She is very abusive, and does not think we should be dating. She has convinced some of her family members of this, they have some screws loose as well, and now i feel like the bad guy. I've been to my Gf's house once since we have been back together and her father still likes me and has no problem with me. The mother holds this huge grudge against me, and i dont know what to do. If she wont ever accept me how is this going to work.


I know i was very immature in the past, and i even went to the mothers house when my GF wasn't there, and apologized for everything when we were broken up. She said it was ok, but i dont know now.


How do i fix things with her family, i truly love this girl, and she has been defending me to her family, because she loved me dearly.

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you went to the house already, that was a very brave thing to do and exactly what you needed to do. some people can get like that, form grudges and decide - often for no reason at all - that they don't like you. and a lot of the time it can't be helped. you say your girlfriend will defend you, and at least you know her dad has given you a chance. but you know this woman's unreasonable - the way she treats her daughter and bullies her husband makes it clear she's not the nicest of people. and in everyone's life there will be people like that... people you'll never be able to please. people you just can't fix things with.

you and your girlfriend are old enough now for her not to be much of an obstacle. it's up to her to get used to the idea. and if she can't, then there's nothing more you can do about it than what you're already doing. continue trying your best to be civil, continue just the way you're going. and just... try to live with it. i'm sure your girlfriend is more than worth it.

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