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Part 1 and 2 of a ongoing poem.


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I myself think neither of these are too good but thought I should see what everyone else thinks.


It's like one big poem but I made it in little parts.


Part 1

Have you ever hated yourself for something you said?

How about something you did?

Or even a decision about something so insignificant that you shouldn't even care.

What about answering a question asked by someone you consider a friend,

But your considered more by them?

They put themselves out on a limb with a simple question,

Without thinking you give them rejection.

They pretend to laugh,

So you can't see them cry.

You think for days about what they said,

For it's never out of your head.

Then lying in bed you realize,

What they really meant with what they said.

In a moment your feelings go from friend,

To love.


Part 2

You practice all night what you will say,

When you next meet.

You see them,

You have your chance to tell them.

You open your mouth to speak,

But it shuts with a kiss.

A kiss not on you lips,

But theirs on another's.

They tell you they realized their love another,

After you rejected them.


I'm still working on part 3 and 4.

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