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How to get a little help from friends?

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Hey I'm pretty new to the whole dating scene. My biggest thing is that I want to find some other guys (or girls) to go out with and meet women. My problem is that I move around a lot and I have a hard time making friends. I have lots of friends but they are states away. I think it is incredibly hard to meet women alone, but it seems that if you have a friend to help you and support you and yes, even make fun of you a little ( to keep it all in context), that my fear of women becomes manageable. Any help about making friends (men or women) that can help me with my dating and social life in general?

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Not the best idea but get a very cute dog. Walk that dog alone or with friends in an area with lots of women. The dog acts as an icebreaker, I tried that tonight, works wonders. Although I did not talk to any of the girl who went for the dog, it does work. Just my two cents.

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your's caught my eye because I have somewhat the same problem except meeting guys of course. though mine has nothing to do with fear of men. and I have lived in the same area now for a long time. just that most women seem to just want to stay at home or do stuff where there are no men involved which is kind of lame for me since it makes it kind of hard to meet men. and with wonderful double standards cant go to a bar alone, or men assume you are looking for sex (?) (I personally don't see the correlation between the two, but.. I'm not the one who creates that double standard) Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated. I'm thinking of trying golf. but again like I mentioned before my friends seem to prefer activities that don't involve men being around, so I'm not sure if I'll even be able to do that alone.


by the way the guy who told you to try a dog is right. first there are a lot of people who either don't like or are allergic to cats, plus you cant really walk up and play with it or get it to do tricks, right? second, do not try borrowing a baby like the said to on Friends, it truly would make many women run the other way or even if they do like kids they might not relish the thought of instant motherhood, or may just prefer to wait to have their own. if you already have one fine, don't hide that, there's nothing wrong with it, but do not pretend for reason mentioned above. the dog is the best approach. i would definitely be more inclined to talk to a person who had an adorable doggy with them.

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I have found that if you do not have many friends and contacts, the best way to gain attention from the opposite sex (and the RIGHT type is to become extroverted in most things you do.

I understand that is a chore for alot of people, but with a little effort it goes a long way.

For example, if you have paper work to do, take it to your local park or library to do. Go to the busiest supermarket. Walk around town rather than driving. From little things, big thing grow.


I also suggest taking up a club/group in an interest, or enrolling in a nightime course of interest (painting, etc). You'll find people immediately with similar interests and will have na excuse to talk to them about things and get the ball rolling.


Just get out there and enjoy the journey. You will have fun doing this once you understand how to get out there with every little thing, and one day when you are older and possibly settled down... you'll look back on these days with such fondness

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Yeah, thanks for your advice. I can't have a dog in my apartment, but maybe I'll try dogsitting for someone.

I definitly think you are right, Kurodashi. I've been trying to become more extroverted for a while, but I guess I always have an excuse not to. I have been wanting to take dance lessons for a long time. I think I will now. It will be a start.

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