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Movies about getting back together???


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I am looking for a few movies about breaking up and getting back together. Maybe it's just me, but there aren't too many movies about that! At least not that I'm aware of. And I really need a couple of names ... types of movies that the two of you can watch together. Because sometimes it's really hard to sit down and flat out say "hey, ever thought about getting back together?" But the movie will put the idea in their head, and if they're not stupid they will definitely understand why you wanted to watch the movie with together. It just seems like a more subtle way of opening up such a vulnerable topic. Maybe I'm wrong?? But if you know any movies that would be fitting for such an occasion, please let me know. Preferably nothing TOO over the top - I'm already aware of two possible options: The Notebook (which I didn't really like too much, it was way over the top for my taste!). The other one I know is A Walk To Remember- which from what I remember was great, however there is not breakup/get back together involved. Its just a nice love story. So anything other than those two???

Any advice is welcome! About movie choices, or otherwise ...

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Personally I think the idea of watching a movie about two people getting back together, with someone you want to get back together with, is as subtle as a sledgehammer. But hey... only you know the other person that well, and that could be what you're aiming for. Maybe they'd find it kind of sweet. (My ex actually wouldn't though).


Those on again off again, break up and make up, stories are more common in TV series that movies I find. If you guys are avid Friends fans you could get episodes on DVD and have a fun night watching those... and few laughs. The last episode is a good example... or the episodes in Barbados when Mike and Phoebe get back together.

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LOL.... ok, yeah I can see how that really isn't subtle at all. Sledgehammer, perhaps.

I guess this would all make more sense if could explain the whole situation with me and my ex. It would take hours, so I probably shouldn't go into the details.

But basically, he broke up with me several months ago. We were in a long distance relationship as it is. Since the breakup, I went and visited him (for the sole purpose of figuring out what the heck went wrong, and he paid for the whole thing to fly me down there, etc). And now he's coming up to visit me here in a few weeks.

We both know that the 'getting back together' issue is going to be the first thing on our minds when we see each other -- regardless of whether we actually do get back together or not. So this movie idea, won't seem too stupid in my circumstance I think. And my ex is the type of guy that would find it funny, because he'd understand the humor in my picking such a specific movie.

So its not like I'm going to use watching a movie together as the only way to open up the topic. I have more balls than that, lol (not literally!). But I thought it would be a good way to ease the tension of bringing up such a hard subject, and add a bit of humor to our situation, you know?

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I understand. When I watch Bridget Jones's Diary... I wished my ex was there watching it... and feeling guilty for being like the guy that Bridget was doing better without. lol But seriously - the thought totally ran through my head.


I'm in a situation that is a bit messy and confusing myself. But your's sounds like it has more hope - and that at least entertaining the idea of getting back together sounds sensible. Hope things go well.

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I recommend High Fidelity with John Cusack. This is one brilliant movie about a vinyl store, relationships, good music and yes, one messy break-up and the aftermath... won't tell you the ending, just rent the dvd and enjoy!




PS I think I literally watched this movie 30 + times

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Mr. Wonderful, starring Matt Dillon and Anabella Sciorra. It's an older movie (early 90's) about a couple who were married and divorced, both were headstrong, both seemed to move on, but the ex hubby (Gus)

wanted to open a bowling alley with friends and couldn't afford it if he was still paying alimony, so he tries to set his ex wife (Lee) up on all these blind dates in the hopes she'll fall in love and get married... and then he realizes he still loves her!


(hope I didn't give it all away)


It's a really cute movie.

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You guys, thank you so much!

Great suggestions ... and I've actually seen all of those movies (although Mr.Wonderful, was about 10 yrs ago, so I literally remember nothing). But its funny how when you're trying so hard to think of one, you can't even remember the one's you've watched! Then again, I've been a complete scatter-brain since my breakup (I'm sure you can all relate). School, applying to Grad School, work, family problems, thoughts of my ex 24/7 ... not having air conditioning in 90F weather, lol (off-campus housing in college ... gotta love it!).

Ok, now I'm just being silly

Thanks for the suggestions guys, keep 'em coming if you think of any more!

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" The Story of Us", starring Bruce Willis & Michelle Pfeifer. They are a married couple who go through a trial seperation over the summer while there kids are at summer camp. It chronicles the ups and downs of their marriage, and ultimately whether or not they want to save their marriage.


It's cute.

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Hi Adelle,


Don't know if you have heard of a film called "Swingers". It has been recommended by quite a few people on the site in the past and there a few posts on it giving u a quick summary of the film, and people's views on it. I myself have been meaning to watch to watch it 4 a long time now as many have said it's the ultimate break-up movie which endorses NC.


link removed


(do a search on the word "swingers" on the getting back together forum and u should be able to pull up more).


Hope that helps.


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one film I definitely recommend about breaking up and getting back together is "Love and Sex" starring Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau.


It tells the story of woman looking back over her relationships and realising her true love.


It is good in that it shows how she broke up with the love of her life because of the normal, regular things that happen in life that apply to everyone.


They live together and get in a rut and lose that initial spark, things get mundane and they take each other for granted. It is not until they split up and try to date other people that they realise that they still love each other and just need to work at keeping the relationship fresh.


It is a very realistic look at relationships and what can go wrong if you let it.

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one film I definitely recommend about breaking up and getting back together is "Love and Sex" starring Famke Janssen and Jon Favreau.



I took your advice and rented this movie ... it was brilliant! I cannot believe i had never heard of it before?! Yet so many other crappy movies are so well-known. Thank you so much misslonelyheart. This was a great recommendation =)


The others were great recommendations too. I just rented Mr. Wonderful and High Fidelity, but haven't watchted them yet.

But seriously, Love & Sex was great. I would recommend anybody who is in a serious relationship or ever has been, watch it!

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Oh I thought of another one, and oldie but a classic.


It's called "About Last Night", starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe. They have a one night stand and then find themselves moving in together, and it doesn't turn out quite like they planned, great movie though!

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Just want to say I always like the movie suggestion topics because it gives me a fresh list of DVD's to rent. So keep them coming.


I really liked The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. It was suggested in another topic. Check it out.

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I really liked The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind. It was suggested in another topic. Check it out.


Oooh that was a really strange one, wasn't it? I forget-- do they get back together in the end?


This movie isn't really about "getting back together" persay, but one of my favorite movies this year was "Garden State", starring Zack Braff and Natalie Portman. Very good flick, and Zack's directorial debut.... excellent excellent movie. (and there is some love in it too.)


Very fresh and original humor, you go through every emotion watching this movie.


(it helps that I have an enormous crush on Peter Sarsgaard too.... )

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Oh, I've seen Garden State ... I know what you mean, not exactly about this topic, but still it was a brilliant movie. And while I wouldn't call it a romantic movie, there was just the right amount. In general loved that movie though. Also love Zach Braff, Scrubs is just hilarious


Seen Eternal Sunshine too, maybe its just me but I found that movie to be quite depressing. I mean, the ending is supposedly meant to be somewhat uplifiting, you know the whole 'if its meant to be' crap, lol. Don't get me wrong, it was an intriguing movie, and I've never seen Jim Carey act so well. The idea behind it was so original. But it was just depressing in terms of being a movie about love I guess. I dont know, just felt gloomy when I walked out of the theatre.

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