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I can see the end....

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Last night was the last leg of our relationship. Althought she indicated that she did not want to break up, She is really bothered with our sex life.


It frustrate her that I seem to be uncaring about it, she knows full well that I have a problem with "Mr. Happy"


I don't know what to do or say as this has been ongoing, I told her that being in this relationship is making her unhappy, then I will not have no other choice but to let her go.


We have been together for one year and half. We both love each other, yet she has reminded me many times over to do the best I can to improve my sexual habits.


The truth is I AM trying by darndenest and it somehow does not please her at all or so I thought.


I am lost and confused, the last thing I want to do is deal with this as I have many areas in my life that requires my attention.


Should I just let everything go and walk another path ? I asked her if she is willing to give in one more try and her response is " I don't know" at this point on we are not officialy broken up, but somehow I feel like we just did.


Any advice would really help at this point on. Please help !

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is she wants to go, let her. do you really want to be with someone who is not entirely happy with you? her leaving might pave the way for you to meet someone who loves you for YOU, not just "mr. Happy".

i am sure you love her dearly, but from the sound of it she's definalty not happy, and is ready to move on.


"when one door closes, another opens"

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Why not use Viagra or something if Mr. Happy is the problem?


Using Viagra might help but again have you seen the problems with Viagra like blindness?


If she is that unhappy let her go. Tell her screw her and say there is the door but make sure it hits her behind? That is too bad that she is judging on your sex life. I guess that is all she cares about which is sad. Maybe she does not want to leave and playing with you so tell her to go and she what she said? I am sure she is not going to like it but her loss then.


Let us know.

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