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AIDS, Hepatitis, etc Blood Tests

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A friend and I went and had a blood test yesterday for HIV, Hepatitis, etc and she also got an iron levels test. These tests also cover liver and thyroid function I was told, but I forgot the obvious question of how long until we get results back.


I've never had this sort of test before so I don't know the deal with how long to wait, should I call them, will they call me, will they mail me the results?


Truth be told, I'm actually a little worried now I've gone and had it done. We both have had ex's that have cheated so it is a little worrying, but up until I actually had the tests, I'd never given it a thought.


I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience here and would like to help put my mind at ease and also fill in the few blanks.

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I was nervous too when I had mine done many years back with a girlfriend. Not during the test itself, just the waiting. Like you, never even thought about it until after the test and then waiting and waiting and all sorts of stuff goes through your head. It's good you got the tests together.


For me, the results took about 2 weeks. If you got it through a doctor, and if it comes back with something serious, typically they call. Otherwise they just typically send the report in.


On the report, you will see various mumbo-jumbo things listed along with average ranges. Anything outside of a range with be noted. If you don't understand it, then you should take it to the doctor.


Of course, this is in the U.S. Due to differences in medical privacy laws, the process may be a little different there. If you are really concerned, you should call the lab and find out... I'm sure they get that sort of question many times a day.

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After I found my "X" had extra curricular activities that could be a risk to me... yep. Went and got tested. Takes about 2 weeks for the verdict to come in. And they will call you if there is something.


The whole going in to get tested...had me riled. I was "TICKED" that I'd been put in a postion that I had to get checked...as if I were some sort of "animal" that needed her rabies shot and tags. UGGGGGHHHHH.

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I did the same thing when i found out a bf had been sleeping with other women.. I had the WHOLE series of VD tests done.. everything... even Hepatis C.. which i never knew was sexually transmitted. It's nerve wracking waiting though... I was sort of pissed off too Shadow I was placed in that position.

I'm glad i did it though... because now i know i have none of the VD diseases... and will insist that my next partner gets tested too...

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Hey... ya know... someone should market a necklace... like a "RABIES VACINE TAG" that marks you as BEING CHECKED... have a date on there... a lience number... then you wouldn't have to present papers...


yikes... what has this WORLD come to... when we have to go in for TESTING like animals...and ask our partners for thier papers....


"nope nope... no paper work.. no nookie... sorry. bye bye"

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