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Ok..I'm in college and I plan to be more assertive when it comes to meeting/asking out women. I am still not completely over my shyness and may never will be but I can't stay this way 4ever.


So now my question is if I go out and talk/ask a many women out around campus, would I come accross as too aggressive/desperate or would they tend to respect me more because I have guts to ask them out?

I know I shouldn't care what people think but I feel that it may hurt my chances with other women.


Lemme know what ya think.


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if you are a freshman in college... im assuming that alot of the girls there are interested in meeting guys.. ( i just finished my freshman year)....

i was kinda shy in HS also, but for w/e reason i really knew i had to get over it.. and i made alot of friends... also, w/ a little alchole in you.. youd be surprised how mcuh more convidence you have....


i wouldnt really go for "asking girls out" alot in college... it SEEMS to me... that girls really want to test out all their options... so i mean... trying to lock one into a relationship early isnt always goign to work....but ya.. jsut be friendly... thats all there is to it most people in college WANT to get to know people... so your best bet is to start as early as you.. make as many friends as you can.. cuz connections is EVERYTHING...


hoped that helped

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Women like confident, assertive men, but they don't like sketch-balls who walk about to them randomly and chat them up or ask them out. Generally, we like things to move slow. We like to get to know the guy first through a class or club or accidental meeting (bumping into him, overhearing an interesting conversation he's having with a friend, etc.) but we don't like to get to know a guy because he marched up to us, introduced himself, and asked us out.


If you want to be more assertive so girls will respond to you, I say make an effort to speak to girls in class first. Before or after class, you can introduce yourself to a girl, ask her why she's taking the class, ask about what she thinks of the professor/homework/etc...there's a load of options available! If you have a class next, ask a girl if she knows how to get there. If she's going the same direction, she'll most likely walk you half way. If lunch is next, ask her to join you for lunch. Since you're going to be a freshman, you can ask her to taste test the cafeteria food with you. It's amazing how much people bond over bad (or good, but I suspect it's going to be the former) food! >


And like other people here have said, freshman girls are definitely looking for boyfriends. More so than the older girls actually, so freshman year is a good time to learn to be more assertive. If you really get worried about flirting, just tell yourself you're trying to make "female friends". That's how most relationships start off anyway, and that's how lots of girls like their relationships to be. Even if I'm smitten with a guy, I will try to be his friend first before doing any big flirting.


Just remember...you won't meet anyone if you don't speak up first. You might get lucky and have an outgoing girl speak to you first, but don't depend on it. Introduce yourself to the ladies in class, talk to the girls in a club that you join, and complain about the cafeteria food while you're in the cafeteria line. Good luck!

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