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I thought


How could u say u wanna be wit me 4 ever and then dump me.

I dnt understand how u could jus pick up and leave.

plz explain 2 me cause i need help understanding.

I really thought u liked me.

And me getting over u isnt what i c.

U in my life is what i really need.

But u dnt wanna be wit me so i am gunna have to move on 2 someone knew.

that is something i dnt wanna do.

Because i fell in wit u.

I thought u wanted our relationship 2 stay strong.

U were saying all kinds of stuff about it lasting long.

BAby u even sang me a song.

You made me fall in love and then u go and do me wrong.

I thought u were the perfect one.

But now me and u are done.

And yes i still love u but i aint gunna waist my time on trying

2 get back wit u.

so officially me and u are through.

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I like your poem. Takes guts to write what youve written, but a step forward at the same time. I take it from what youve written youve tried for a long time to justify your relationship and ckeep it together (but it just hasnt come through). I wouldnt cut all ties too quickly though, it doesnt seem to help, just comes back and bites you second time round.



But i like it, personal to the both of you.



Kell x

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i like that poem and did not know went wrong but hoped you liked my song it was just for u you had me going crazy about you we were to far apart but if it makes you fill better your still in my heart your my number one superstar

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