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Length of makeout session...and before it gets boring???

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I was wondering how long you usually make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and what is the position that turns you on the most? I'm wondering because I always thought it was hot when my boyfriend laid on top of me while we were kissing...


Also, is it normal to feel bored after awhile and like you want to switch it up a little? I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong...

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Bored with making out.............uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no.


I'd say.. for me.. myself... and the way I am... if I'm bored with making out..the Chemistry wasn't there...


Becuase.. If the Chemistry is there...OMG.. u want it to go on FOREVER...


Its like going into a magical realm where time and place do not exist.... and you are mesmerized, hypmitized..and anything but BORED.


But thats just me.

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Part of being "sexual" and "intimate" with your partner, is exploring and having fun with intimate/sexual play. It sounds like if you are "bored" either you are bored with the person, or there is very little play/variety in what you do. It follows a pattern, or there is a lack of chemistry and exploration/fun involved.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to "switch it up", that is part of creating an intimate relationship with your partner..not always making out in same position, same way. Your body and mind become accustomed and numb to predictability.

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I'd have to agree with RayKay.... she's absolutley right, its about exploration and creativity. Finding something new everytime... so postion, time and place...touches should be varied.


Further down into the realtionship...nothing worse than being able to time and plot your lovers moves by the clock. ie. Ok..he's going to touch me there and its going to last 10 seconds...next is this...now its that... etc etc.

You get the picture... I guess when this happens your mind will wander.... elsewhere.


My problem was... wanting to be creative and adventurous and having a partner who was not accustomed or willing to change.

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You'll get bored of it eventually. Well, for me it wasn't boring at all for the longest time, then it gets boring. There's more to being intimate than making out-- and that's why. Everything else never got boring, but it gets to a point where making out happens briefly and then on to other things, and that's how it ends up feeling fresh all of the time.

I suppose you should just mix it with different things. I don't know how intimate you get with your boyfriend, but being most intimate is more exciting always. Doing the same thing over and over again WILL get boring (and surprisingly making out takes a while until it can get boring), so that's why you're feeling that way.

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I agree that Chemistry is VERY important. But also you need to change it up a bit..do more then just making out same way. Im not saying you should have sex with him (if you havent already) Im just saying to change up positions, careless eachother, kiss different ways, do a little bit here and there, lick his lips before you go to a full out makeout session. There is soo much you can do, use your imagination

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well, thanks for your replies, everyone. It's made me question the chemistry between us...maybe I just like the idea of him liking me so much or something, i dunno. Ahh...it's my first relationship, and I guess it just makes me excited about being in one...maybe I'm forcing chemistry or something. I REALLY hope I'm not making a mistake here...by sticking around, i guess...because it's like, sometimes the chemistry is there, and sometimes it isn't. Weird. Maybe it's just me who's weird.

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If your relationship is to the point you feel like yer ready to move on to more then just making out then HECK YEA YOULL GET BORED! i mean really..if your wanting something more or he is then its not as much fun..and yall need to try new things, you ge on top of him, dont do the same thing over n over...you take controle one time..

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another question: how do you let your partner know that whatever they're doing (where they put their hands, how they kiss, etc.) is something you enjoy?? I don't mean telling them afterward (well I guess you could,) but what is a body language move to show you are enjoying what is going on?

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Well... you could say... hmmmmm.. a little moan when they kiss you..that is always a sign of approval...


Or you can say it in there ear.. hmmm that feels good.


or simply tell them.. "I love the way you kiss.. you have the sweetest lips and that tongue is.. ummm to die for.."


Or.. sometimes you are with a partner who will touch you the way you touch them... MIRRORING.. and then you say hmmmmm....


Or.. you ask them.. out right.


Or... you take their hand and..........shadow it. lol


Get the picture.


I think the older you get and the more comfortable you get with yourself... you will feel confident to voice your likes, dislikes etc.


And... it is partner dependant.. I think if you "TRUST" the one you are with and you are comfortable with them... then you will open up more to them.. without feeling... embarrassed or wanton... etc.

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I agree, SL. And I keep reading on how women would like to tell their partners where they want to be touched/kissed etc.


I think the problem is that: men are too manly to be told where/how is best to pleasure their partners. I think men should open their minds that they aren't gurus.


Also, women are too scared that their partner will take offense to this.


Maybe not directly linked.. but I had to get that off my chest.

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normal time to make out. i wish my boyfriend made out with me more often. i used to make out for hours when i was young.... and if it gets boring it means u doin the same motion over and over, mix it up spice it up.... because i know from experience that i have made out for hours before and havnt gotten bored because he was that good of a kisser... and thats without even havin sex.

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You know DARKBLUE... you do have a point there. I can see where a man would be offended...and maybe thats why we PU@@Y foot around (no pun) without being direct... so we spare the guy his ego.


But its the same for women... we'd like to hear.. I like this and I like that... OK asside from the obvious..."I LIKE BLOW-JOB's"...... no brainer there...hearing that a guy likes the way you run your hand up and down his back... or what a turn on this or that is... HELPS...


NONE of us are TELEPATHIC... we can agree with that much.


Again.. it goes back to being comfortable with yourself...and being comfortable with the one you are with. Confident.. maybe is a better term.

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I agree with Shadows Light.


Sometimes my husband gets mechanical and I think OMG. The result is me saying No or I hope its over quickly!


My solution is I initiate what I want if he doesn't like it TOUGH he can do without!


Hope you can sort the problem out soon. If you can't find yourself another partner because this is what they are going to be like for most of their lives.


Good luck.

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I would get bored occasionally with my bf. And I would do like you said and "switch it up". Take a little break, ask him to give me a massage, talk a little, joke around, still be with eachother doing things but not actively liplocked. Not all boys can keep a girls attention nonstop for hours. Especially young ones because they're mostly interested in what feels good to them. And if you're staying in one postion the whole time, well I think that I would probably get bored too. I don't think it means your relationship is doomed. As long as you have the chemistry to be happy when not making out, and know how to keep things good when you are, you'll be fine.

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lol me and my kissing partner that i should be dating lol well i was over her house for 12hours and we spent the majority of that time kissing.. towards the end of the night we were pashing for like 3hours non stop.. tiring that was lol


Just flicking ur tongue at different speeds and depths, licking her neck and kissing it and if ur lucky she'll pur ur hand on her breasts lol i rather let her decide that i dont like to force anything on a girl or make her feel she has to let me 'touch her'.



12 hours of kissing and making out didn't get boring.. we did take long breaks but yeah pretty much wasn't boring at all

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