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told me to give him a call...should i or not?

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a guy a met at a bar a couple weeks ago got my number but we talked had a great conversation (my friends were kinda in the conversation also) for about 2 hours before he asked for it and left. However, he didnt call right away and i thought what the heck, ill call him. So i did he said he was glad he called b/c my number didnt save in his friends phone, he told me to call him if i go out with my friends again. So i did and he showed up and we hung out all night and had a great time. Now, i normally dont do this but i called him Tuesday and again he seemed really happy to hear from me and we talked for a while and he asked what i was doing this weekend...but i already have plans so he said that if i am in town to give him a call to go out. so what is he? i mean is he interested or not? or should i just see how things go? I am interested, however, i would like to get to know him better.

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You know, it is sad, but from a male point of view.... he would have called you if he was interested in more than just... you know... Probably not a long term thing. Could be a guy that is just looking for some play. Dont call him and see what happens. If he ends up calling you, then you might put a bit more effort into it. I have attended college for 8 years undergrad and graduate school. trust me. Play it cool. Dont get so hyped. you are too young and the world is too dangerous, if you follow me what Im sayin....

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I don't know...maybe the guy friends that I have are just nice? My best friend who is male is quite shy and gives girls his number to have them call him because he doesn't want to risk rejection (if she doesn't call he doesn't think about it, but if he calls her and she blows him off it really bothers him). Also, 2 of the relationships that I was in stemmed from me initiating...

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I agree with the boys. For a guy to tell me "call me" is practically an insult. If he is interested in you he'll call you like crazy and work to make plans with you (not leave it up to you to get together), only loser guys do that.. Saying "call me" is like a girl playing hard to get, guys do not play hard to get with girls they like, while a girl will play hard to get even if she's interested a guy won't... *do-not-call-him* (he sounds like a dork anyway.) Guys ask girls out with specific plans at set times if they're interested saying "call me if your around" is not how they approach someone they're interested in... Laura

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walkingwithaghost, I completely agree with you. I never tell guys that I'll call them, I give them MY number and tell THEM to call ME. I also noticed that the guys that lasted a little while longer, they were the ones that always asked me if I want to hang out, they would invite me to do things way ahead of the day, and they would call me.


SnoGril, have you told him to calll you? he must have your number by now...instead of saying "ill call you" why dont you say "call me if you want to go out )

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