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Idk what to think

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Me and my b/f just recently had sex, and we used a condom. He took it off half way through. And then before he left we couldn't find the condom. After he left i shook all my blankets and found the condom. and it had stuff in it that looked like cum! I was just wondering if it could seriously be cum or just the lubricant? And if it was cum, could I be pregnant from him taking the condom off? Im a little bit shocked and scared but I can face the consequences, so please help, and reply.... Thanks....



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The answer unfortunately is yes. it is possible to become pregnant from just that.


You have a few options


1) head up to the nearest bartells drugstore or similar and get the morning after pill


2) wait, and see what happens then fight with the possibility of a pregnancy


This is a factor when you have sex, I have done some dumb things in the past and we made the decision to use the morning after pill just to be sure... well 99.9% sure.


If everything ends up ok use this as a learning experiance and be careful in the future.

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Why the heck did you take it off halfway through? The condom should stay on until you are DONE, he has cum and withdraws from you.


Yes, you could get pregnant from this, if he put it back in you again, not only may he have still had cum on him, but even precum (especially after a previous ejaculation) can carry sperm in it.


Go get the morning after pill if it is still a couple days within time you had sex (some say you can take it even up to 5 days after, though the earlier the more likely it will work), get on the birth control pill, IUD, something, and keep the condoms ON! Be responsible for your body, health and life.


If it's too late for morning after pill, keep using condoms/protection, and if your period is late, take a pregnancy test. If its positive, go see doctor ASAP, if negative go see doctor and get on some more birth control.

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