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I don't really know what's going on..

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Well, my friend Melissa talked to my boyfriend Steven on the phone today. Steven said he doesn't like going out with someone and then hurting someone at the same time. Melissa told me that she told him that she didn't care and not to dump me. And that she isn't trying to break me and Steven up. I don't really know what's going on because I tried to call Steven to ask about their conversation but he's gone somewhere and his sister told me that he will call me back. But last night i called him and he was sick and he is better today ( so Melissa says) And he was supposed to call me. But when he says he is going to call he sometimes does but not that much. I don't know if Steven wants me or Melissa. At my house it seemed like he liked both of us. But not that me and Steven are going out it's hurting Melissa because she likes him. So I don't know whether or not Steven wants to be with me. Should I talk to him?

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Yes, you should talk to him.


My friends and I always had this unspoken rule growing up that when one of us liked someone then that person was off limits to the rest of us. I guess it really worked out because none of us had the same taste in men.


I do remember one time when I was in 6th grade and my friend knew that I liked a certain guy and he asked her out and she accepted. It was really hard to sit with her at lunch and hear her talk about her boyfriend, whom she knew I liked.


I'm sure it's hard for Melissa since you said that she likes Stephen. Did you know she liked him before he became your boyfriend?

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Yeah I kinda knew but Melissa told me that night of when Steven and her came over that she liked someone else. A guy that she hung out with at a dance named John. So you know I figured okay.. she likes someone else so i guess she is trying to forget about Steven. She is like it hurt to know that you knew i liked him and then he asked you out and you said yes. But I waited along time before I said yes though. It isn't my fault that he asked me and not her. But at the time when me Steven and Melissa were together Melissa had a boyfriend. And she was after mine. And I stil don't know if she is going after him. And as for Steven I need to talk to him but when I called he'd wouldn't be there or he would be busy or something. I called him and he has a headache so we didn't talk long. If you want to know the other part of the story go to my other topic got problems with friends. Thanks a lot for your input

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