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Want to break NC, but...

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Don't want to piss her off ... Been going on 3 months of NC. The first two weeks or so of being apart, I broke NC several times, then didn't really give a you know what, but the past few days I have been thinking more and more about it, and really want to give her a call. I will be visiting the same town the Ex lives in here next month, and not sure if I should call and put something in motion to try and meet up to say "hello"... or just go and live with the fact she's there and there's nothing I can do about it...


any thoughts?


can find the story at link removed

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Don't break No Contact under any circumstance with this chick. Besides the fact that she threatened to go to the police if you did contact her, which would be such a turn off that I would never want to contact her again anyways, she's a horrible person on the inside.


What do you have to gain? Another broken heart??? Cause that's what would happen for sure.


You need to start living your life and taking care of yourself. Start talking to other chicks. If you used the last three months to find someone new, i'm sure you would've been well on your way to finding someone by now. Don't let another three months go by while still pining about this chick when you could be using this time to find someone even better than your ex, and she will be better cause your ex never gave a *&%$ about you.

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Besides the fact that she threatened to go to the police if you did contact


Ya, this was about 2 weeks after she broke things off, turns out she was referring to the campus security (found out from a mutual friend of ours) because we went to a small school and saw each other on a daily basis... she wasn't used to seeing me on campus because if I wasn't with her, I usually wasn't on campus to begin with... don't think she realized that since we weren't together, of course she's going to see me around... besides the fact we still had plenty of conversations up until the last time we saw each other 3 months ago... She went from the best thing in the world, to a completely different person overnight it seemed... it's amazing how a "best friend" (another chick she met) can be so manipulative, and make you totally hate the one you loved for years when you've only known her for a few months...


guess the most frustrating thing is knowing how great someone can be, and know what kind of person they are, and when you try and show/tell them how they're being and try and get them to take a look at themself to see that how they're acting is totally rediculous and psychaotic, you're the one that end up being "psycho, bi-polor, crazy" and whatever esle.


The only thing that has kept me goin' is the fact that I know I'm a great person, and there's someone out there that's going to be lucky enough to have me because she threw something great away...

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