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the thrill of the chase.

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I sort of lured this guy in a few months ago. I flirted...he flirted..it was all very mysterious and very very drawn out, but inevitably came to fruition--just as I had hoped/but never dreamed would actually happen. The only problem is I kind of lost it after that...got too attached...said too much too soon about how I was feeling...just blew it. Mystery was gone. So he left after only 2 months and it hurt a little at first, but I'm cool with everything and we're still friends. I still see him out and about all the time and I feel like i'm back at square one with him. We chat occasionlaly but I get nervous and end up cutting the conversation short. I don't show my nerves, I play it cool for the most part. Do you think if I began flirting again...like before...eye contact...being elusive...etc etc..I might actually be able to lure him in again. I'm not sure what I want...I just don't think he gave it enough time to get to know me...I'm sure I scared him off. I definitely think this guy likes the thrill of the chase. If I could do it all again differently I would...can anyone relate...does this sound realistic?

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Maybe, maybe it would work.


But you would be smarter trying something clsoe to that but related. Like somehow telling he could not get you back and was stupid for running away. If the chase worked for him, then taunt him with something saying he cannot get it. Once he begins to chase again, refuse to surrender easily, because you think he just wants a piece and cannot do what ti takes to keep a good woman. If challenge works, then challenge.

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it's more like conquer...but anyway...


yeah i don't even go there when I talk to him anymore...i think he thinks i'm in love with him. Which I'm not...but I do still have a huge crush on him. I told him when he told me he didnt want a girlfriend that he'd be sorry someday...I don't know what to do exactly. If I started dating someone else he might get jealous, but there's just nobody I'm interested in dating or putting through that....so I really have no clue.

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