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A Way To Quit Cutting!!

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Well I used to cut,but I stopped a few months ago.

Well first,I was using an elastic band,but I accidentally put it on too tight and ended up in the ER.Whoops.So you can use a rubber band and pop ur wrist every time you feel u need to cut.Just make sure you get it loose enough!

So then I found a new way.Every time I wanted to cut I would go get a needle,steralize it and poke a hole in my ear.It sort of hurts when u do it at the top,so that will resist ur cutting for days!Any ways,then I ran out of places in my ear.

So I decided to take on a responsability.

I have two dogs and that doesnt take much of my time.

So I got a horse.A horse is very hard to take care of,I soon figured out,but I am keeping it anyway.

So it may help if u take on a responsibility!

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I'm glad that you stopped, but the ear thing isn't good. Poking a hole in your ear still consitutes as self injury. You should really think about not doing that. It's just replacing things. Instead of your arm it's your ear and instead of a razor blade it's a needle. So, I would try to avoid that.

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