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Hey all well as I had posted in some of my other threads my bf and I have a lot of fights. Yestaerday might have been the worst of all (for me atleast). we where fighting and I think I mentioned his dads name and he thought that I had insulted his dad, and called a bad name told me I was'nt anybody to tell him anything. I got really upset and I told him it was over. well a while later I call him and ask him if he even cared, to my dismay he was playing video games.While I was crying my eyes out. IF that not bad enough I was crying on the phone and all he could say was Can I let you go? Boy, that hurt knowing he had no interest in making anything better. we started talking and he told me that He loved his dad more than me. Well I have been there for him when his family mom, dad, aunts and everybody left him on his own no job , no where to stay and I helped him up. I did all that for him and He shows me no kind of gratitute other than the immediate Thank you. It hurts to know that he would even compare the love. Of course thats his dad ,but I assume thats different kind of love right?Well he always said I was his future wife , so I brought that up yesterday I told him that it was wrong because what if we have a family started and he insults me cause he thinks I insulted his dad. ( He only gets triggered when somebody insults his dad not his mom) Well he said coldly well your not my wife right? Another strike . He then apologizes tells me he was wrong and thats that I'm suppose to forget. I'm extremly hurt be this and I told him this he said he didn't do anything to make me cry that I should just get over it. Am I over reacting. Need advice really hurt me self esteem and my soul.

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i been in ur shoes many times i know exactly what your going thro. i've had arguments with my bf and i just end up in tears as if someone just passed away..sometimes i feel like i am over-reacting then again we're both females and as much as i hate 2 say it males dont show their emotions as much as girls do, i was once crying my eyes out and my bf just sat their staring at the window blankly..the expression on his face and the fact that he didnt even try to comfort me made things even worse which made me cry even more looking back..i just feel ashamed. all i can say is that i know what ur going thro ur not alone..wish i knew how to help u out, and what 2 say..but if i did then i wouldnt be in this position either

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If your boyfriend doesn't comfort, then does he really love you? Personally, I suggest move on. You've tried to patch things up and even though he may not neccesarily show his emotions, there are still ways for to show concerns. He could simlpy talk it out. If he doens't even try that, than I suggest move on. Good luck.

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