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i think I know what I did wrong with the girl

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I waited a week after class ended. When I called her, instead of getting a live person, I got her message. Instead of hanging up until a time when I was able to talk to her live, I basically just went ahead and asked on the message how she was doing and said "if you're not busy, then let's go out to a North Beach cafe on Sunday."


What I should have done was called until I got a live voice, then waited a few days before calling and talking to her again on the phone before the actual get-together in person.


The problems: I'm not a good phone conversationalist unless it's someone that I've known for a long while.


Monday I called her and she was with her friends. Didn't call me back like she said she would. I'm leaving it alone until I get a call..which might or might not be.


But now, a couple of days after I left the message and called her on Monday, I'm wondering what to say when I call and she answers. because I get angry when a girl doesn't call me back for no apparent reason, even after I've left a good message. I want to keep my emotions and check and not resort to simply saying: WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED ME BACK YET?

Or, is this really the way to do it? Is it wise for a man to be demanding to a girl that he has yet to get to know? I don't think she's totally disinterested in me, because it was HER who said:


"Call me sometime!" with a genuine smile.


I hate making counter-productive mistakes like these.

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Well, like you said, you don't know her, and you don't know what her situation is. She may have been interested when she said "call me," but maybe an ex re-entered her life, and now she's confused. Or, maybe she's having some family or work troubles. Or, maybe she's just busy, and since you don't know each other that well, you're not top on her list of "people to call back."


Don't take it so personally. She may have her own reasons for not calling that have nothing to do with you.


good luck

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