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What can someone say to you that will make you melt??? There's this girl that I am head-over-heels for, but I haven't told her yet. I am looking for something to say that will let her know my feelings, but at the same time just be a friendly comment (to fall back on in case of rejection). hah Any ideas???

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ok champ... you have to do it carefully... i have no idea what kind of person you are but you have to watch out... you know the rule about people wanting what they cant have... if you throw yourself at this girl and basically say a comment that says... look i like you alot, do you like me? It can go one of two ways... either A she says i really like you too! and everything works out and you live happily ever after... or B she knows that she has you in her pocket and can try to get together with you whenever the hell she wants............. (ive seen B happen a hell of alot more times that A)


my advice... flirt with her... dont do any one line where you make it completely obvious... have fun with it... flirt with her... try to catch her looking at you... maybe she might catch you looking at her... make it almost kind of like a game... i know that sounds bad but its the truth... you have to kinda seem like you dont care too much while inside you are going nuts...


I know the feeling of head over heals... and its awesome if it works out and bitter defeat if it doesnt... im sure you will do fine... good luck... if you have any questions, pm me...

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I totally agree with TheMailMan. I was actually in a situation like that myself and trust me, as TheMailMan mentioned...

ive seen B happen a hell of alot more times that A
he is right. So, my advice to you don't give too much, you do not want to give anyone that much power over you. My experience with it, made me feel like I was addicted to a drug although I have NEVER been on drugs but I heard that they could be rather addictive and so was I. I was addicted to her....okay, I am going to stop right here because I actually feel like I am about to have some sought of flashback.


I wish you the best of luck!

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If she does her hair a different way or looks special or something, you could look at her and say, "Oh, you're beautiful." If you want to push things a bit farther, you could say, "You're beautiful. I bet you get asked out a lot." And watch her response. Telling someone you like the way they look is a huge turn on and makes them feel sexy.



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