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an unusual problem i havent a solution for.

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hi everybody im glad my topic got your attention and would really like it if you could help me out.

im 18 years old and recently was kicked out of my fathers house and went to live in my friend chris's house.chris has a sister and a friend of her sister lives in the house too. ive lived here for a month or 2 and have spent alot of time with chris's sisters friend. weve stayed up till morning just talking many times and hung out at the laundromat together went out to eat,much more.. and we both seem to go out of our way to be around eachother.at first i felt like i just wanted a friendship out of the whole thing but as time went on of course i started falling for her.

while i havent done anything blatent or outright i have been trying to tell her i like her slowly through alot of different things and was doing so until i found out something.....

she has an internet boyfriend she has never met that she knows through aim. they send text messages back and forth and everytime she looks at her phone i feel hurt.i dont expect her to just drop everything and i know there is such thing as just letting things develop as it is but i still need help on dealing with her internet relationship.and handling how much it hurts when i notice her on the phone with this guy.


any comments ,suggestions, thoughts, questions are greatly apreciated.

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