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Confusing girl! Need advice plz!


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Yeah, I'm 17 and there is this girl I liked at my school for a while now. I tried talking to her and things seemed a little ify. At first it was just a crush and I thought there wasn't any thing mutual. I let my feelings slide for a major part of the school year.

However, during my spring break one of my firends told me that he over heared her talking about me while at his locker. He claims she "thought I was really nice and that I was a little shy but she'd work on that". Or somethin' like that.. He also said her friends didn't look to thrilled. I don't care what they think though.

It was at this time that when I saw her in the halls she looked kind of sad about something. I decided to try and ask her if she was okay. This, is when the confusion starts. Her eyes got really big and I noticed that her voice had more life in it. See gave me LOTS of eye contact. Now I'm okay with that, but the problem was that I wasn't expecting that kind of reaction from her. So I had a hard time saying something. She started to leave for class and I had to get something out of that convesation so I complmented her. She seemed to be only a little flattered. Of course this was a VERY lame line because I didn't have time to think of any better compliments. Again that day I was talking to my firend as we were leaving school and she was walking towards us. I didn't want to bother her anymore that day with my antics so I just smiled. She didn't really avoid me, so that was good.

We have classes close together so I saw her a lot in the hall ways. When she was by her self and see me she would just smile at me and keep eye contact until we pass eachother. One day I was really happy that I got an A on a math test so when I saw her I waved but all she did was smile.

I started to forget it again. But I noticed that she was upset again. She was also randomly changing friends. I decided to write a note to her, cause we both didn't have the time for talk. The note was pretty down to earth (not much mush). I had my friend give it to her. From what they said she seemed like she appreciated it, despite her friends bad attitude that day.

Agian after the note she did the same old smile in the hall ways stuff, but she did start noticing me in the hall ways when I wasn't even close to her. I left the school year feeling a little bit skeptic.

She really has a different attitude when she's with her friends than when she is by herself or around me. This is where most of my problems spawn. I don't know which side of her is true.

When she's with her closer firends, she is really wild and crazy, and talks A LOT! But when she is by herself she seems really quiet and isolated, and when she is around me, she is quiet and won't say much. But I don't understand this because she is the vice president of the our highschool class and she does a lot of stuff in the school. I don't consider myself intimidating (That's hilarious if she thinks I am) infact I'm quite the opposite. I can be very well considered socially inferior to her. I definitely don't consider myself bad looking, but "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" so...

I'm about to start up school agian real soon, and I was kind debating on whether I should go all out and talk to her more in a more out-going way instead of being ify. But I can't tell if things would go anywhere. I'm a very loyal person so when I'm interested in someone who appears interested in me, I DO NOT consider any other girls for that time we are together. I would like to know people's opinions and advice so I don't make a mistake about someone who may have deep feelings for me and I excuse them. Thanks! Sorry it was so long!

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ok... your thinking about so many things your going nuts... and like me you read into stuff sooooooo much its crazy... no dont get mad at me because i am aloud to say that... i read into all little things...i can see where you are going with this... you sound like a mr. nice guy... similar to what i was when i was in highschool... its a good role... but not so good with the ladies...


my first thing of advice... would be to move on to a diff girl... you like her alot... but it seems that she isnt into you as much as you are to her... i know thats not what you want to hear but dont worry about it... one thing that will happen (depending on what kind of person she is) if she had some interest before and she hears about you taking interest into another girl she will turn around and start wanting you because your unavailable...


second... be more sociable... i dont mean try to be cool... just be an outgoing nice guy... trust me on that...


next year when you see her in the halls... give her a smile and ask her how her summer was... if she gives you a good response... smile at her when you see her in the halls... but dont give her hella attention... if she gives you a response that totally blows you off then move on and keep your options open... see what happens... she may come to you and she may not... good luck

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Ok, I'm no expert in this area, but the behavior you described may also be interest. I have seen some of the most outgoing girls freeze up when around a guy they have a crush on. If her friends don't think highly of you, this could also be affecting her.


I knew a girl in high school that I used to have a class with every day. We would talk briefly before and after class, and sometimes in the hallways on the way to her next class. One day the conversation seemed to be getting strained. She no longer contributed as much to our talks. It only got worse and progressed to the end of the week. The next week she avoided me completely... showing up late for class and always the first to leave. At this point I was sure I had done something wrong and she hated me. It took me two weeks of asking around to find out that she had developed a crush on me.


The girl may just feel a little insecure and wonder why you haven't asked her out. I would say it's definitely worth a try. I mean, what do you really have to lose? It's not like a friendship's at stake or anything (sorry, personal problem.)

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Thank you! I'm glad someone took time to read it and try to help me. Yeah, I don't really no why I'm worried cause I don't have anything to loose. I usually don't think this deep about things, but this girl has been weird to me for a long time even before I had a thing for her. I would just say something to her (about class) and she wouldn't say anything. Just a smile. I guess I'll give it one more try then go on and pay attention to more people. Thanks again!

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hi i think there is a possibility she may be interested. she will lose hope if you do not act though. she can only get her hopes up a certain guy will ask her out for so long then she will decide she doesn't like him that way. i think you should casually express interest let her know you think she's special and would like to go out if she'd like to. this way if she declines, its no big deal. (and if she does decline just accept it and try to remain friendly. don't persecute a woman for turning you down, you wouldn't want a woman to do that to you if you simply weren't interested). you'll never know until you try, i really think you men have to learn to just put yourselves out there and ask more. she won't think youre a freak if she does reject you. especially if you take it well and do not overreact, she may even think youre a nice guy and down the road introduce you to her friend or something. (she will think your a freak if you overreact or start spreading rumers about her or acting mean, like some spurned suiters do


Just try it, you have something to gain and nothing to lose. at least you'll know

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Well I'm pretty sure I can get over her if she isn't feeling for me anymore, because I only got attracted to her through trying to figure out if she likes me, and I know her friends... There not the nicest girls... Well her common firends, I really don't know she has many different friends like I do, I just don't make myself known.

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there are so many things your thinking about that it to hard for you to see whats right in front of you, as the computer guy said just ask . that is the only shour way to set the mind at ease . if she says no ,hay its just a no and every one has herd it at least once in there life ...



" luck is only a state of mind but happyness is a state of being"

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