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Old guy... new feelings

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To give you a very breif history- my boyfriend and i started dating in march and broke up in june. i broke up wth him because he was acting like we were too much too soon. i was casually dating him and thought i had the freedom to do other things without asking his permission and he acted as though we were a couple and should consult each other before we did anything. so i broke up with him. he did some weird things after we broke up... called me begging, would stop by my house and places where i was, just basically on pursuit of gettingme back.


it has been about two months now and we just recently became back in contact. from the little bit i have seen of him he seems to be a changed man. but i am reluctant to take him back in my life... andmore reluctant to tell my friends and family that he is back... they had developed some strong feelings about me seeing the "scary guy"


i'm on the other side of the fence now... instead of trying to get someone back i am the one on the other side, someone is trying to win me back. can i trust he has changed, or will we be in the same place again?

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It is possible for people to change or to realise that they came on too strong. But only you can make the decision as to whether to give him another chance.


However, if you two were sexual with each other, it was not unreasonable for him to want exclusivity - especially with the danger of STDs.


If you do give it another whirl - then make sure you agree on what the status of the relationship is and what, if any, boundaries exist.

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I would proceed with caution if you decide this might be the right relationship for you. There is no reason to rush into anything, and you've all ready been given some red flags. People can and do change, just keep your eyes open with this and you'll be fine. Make sure to keep communication open and have both of your intentions clear to one another.

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