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The ex gf and now friend has told a friend of mine she does not want anything to do with me anymore , becasue she thinks I still have feelings for her. She told me five months ago too she didnt want to talk to me anymore but came back a few months later.


How can I tell her in a nice way that if she runs again dont come back?

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In a situation like that where she is confused you need to express your concerns to her clearly and simply so there is no claims you said otherwise.


You must explain that first and foremost, assuming you got all this from a mutual friend that she should address these issues to you directly. Speaking to a friend will not cure the situation at all and actually complicate feelings and reactions further.


Secondly, you need to express that you have no feelings for her or you do have feelings for her, which ever way you wish to swing since I didn't quite catch how you felt about her now. Bluntly stating you are not interested in her in a romantic sense only friendship. If she still does not want your friendship then there is nothing left. Whereas, if you do indeed have feelings these must be address as to whether you plan to pursue or overcome them.


Either way she needs to know from you that telling a friend doesn't cut it and you need to tell her person to person how you truly feel and what you believe is the future of this friendship. Leaving no maybe, I don't know, not sure loopholes. Decide for yourself what is written in stone and approach her.

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