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oh man, i'm getting senti!!!!!!!

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hi pals..


this is been long time since i visited site, now i'm in strange situation (I believe), ok here it goes


My frnd XXX getting married this month.. she got engaged 6 months ago and she has never told me about this, today she came to invite me for her wedding and i was shocked.. Now she went and i'm posting this mail.. cos




she was my class mate and we just got our degree certificate.. we are very very close frnd and just very attched to each other. she acted as mediator between me and my gf (we got broak up recently tho), even mu gf was from my class only.. XXX really helped me to recover from the hectic break up situation..


XXX said she dint tell me about her wedding before cos she afraid of me!!!! she thought i will scold her if she tell..


come back


Now i'm posting this cos i'm literaly crying.. i dont know why!! i m just thinking about her and the fun we had.. i dont know why i'm posting this mail but i just wantted to tel every one that she is getting married next week and she dint tell me before!!! (i'm not concernd for not telling me tho)


why is this happing???????????


we are just great frnds!! is this common between all great frnds??

pls help me out

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I think she was simi scared that she had those types of feelings for you n she was scared that they would come back n possibly make her change her mind, or like you said she might just think youd get mad at her..you never know..also weddings are very stressy so maybe she didnt want added on pressur with you..its hard to tell with the short amount of info given..

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Well if she was inviting you after all the arrangements were so to speak, set in stone, she probably assumed you wouldn't approve of the groom.


She still considers you a friend enough that you're invited to the wedding. Yet, just assuming, there is something about who ever she is marrying or a situation which occurred that she believes you wouldn't of seen eye to eye with her on thereforeeee was afraid that maybe it wouldn't work out.


Then there is a vague possibility that she thought you had feelings for her more than just friendship and would cause some complications, doesn't seem to be the case here but could be possible.

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Happened to me that way but then I spilled the beans about how I felt about her. Well it's ok, I wouldn't have gone to the wedding anyway. I'm sure she did not tell me about her getting married because of her own feelings and what I might say or do. Since then, I have cut her off. She has not made any attempt at contacting me either. Just as well. It's sad because she was my best friend in the world. What can you do?



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