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Breaking up is pretty bad. If you have feelings for the other person, it can be hell. But you must go through with it. Youve broken up for a reason.


The way you will NEVER get the girl back is to crawl on your knees, begging her to take you back.


Also, you can never truly be "friends" with someone you dated, you guys are ought to fall for eachother again to repeat the process.


The BEST thing to do after a breakup, is to get on with your life.


Make the best of it; you are single again. You are free to do as you please.


The best thing you can do is learn your lesson out of the breakup and move on with your life, meet other girls, ect.

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Exactly right... Usually when you wind up moving on with your life, the other person realizes that they are no longer your "world", and in that case try to come back for some security reason or whatever. Either way, moving on and not looking back (only for noticing your mistakes), is the best thing to do because you learn to love other people and understand yourself more from past relationships.

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