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ok so ive been dealin wit acne since i was like 11 and i used 10% benzoyl peroxide and it kept my skin completely clear, i used alot of it and only before i went to sleep. i would put a thick layer on my forehead, bcuz thats the only place i ever broke out then, almost as thick as you would do a mask. i went in and out of break outs, and when i was clear i would give my skin a break (not puttin anythin on my face except for washin it) for a week or until i got pimples again.

so heres what happened, my skin was clear and i was off of benzoyl peroxide for about a month or less and i started to break out again. i put on an extremly thin layer jus to start and i woke up the next mornin with a blood red/extremely irritated face and swollen face and eyes. im guessin im allergic now? how and why?


well now my skin is probably the worst its ever been, and i started to get really deep pimples on my cheek. and alot of little pimples on my forehead and around my mouth. blackheads all over my nose.

school starts in a week.. what product do you kno that works (either from personal experience or a close friend/relative) that will get rid of pimples and FAST! or a regimen( ex. wash; tone; apply medication)? please something!! i kno the deeper pimples wont go as fast, but what can i use to get rid of them and prevent them?


..im allergic to 5% benzoyl peroxide and higher, i can use 2.5% but i dont think it does much, i usually quit usin it after a day or two bcuz idk. if i use it for a long time do you think it will help? or could it be causing my deeper pimples?


also my mom refuses to take me to the derm. bcuz she thinks its just a stage or she thinks im doin it wrong or that i dont wash my face..


sorry for this bein so long..



..it sounds kinda like my acne is severe like coverin my face, but its like 5 deep pimples on my right cheek, 3 around my mouth, and countless really little bumps on my forehead and about 5 reg. on my forehead. and a BUNCH of blackheads onmy nose, the black heads never leave, ive had the same ones for like 3 months.

sorry im askin so much, but anythin for the scarring/redness of the pimples?

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I would suggest Accutane, you need a prescription from your dermatologist though. Beg your mom to take you. It really works but its a very strong med, and very expensive too (like $1300 for 6 months-insurance will cover it)...but it works miracles. You would also need to take monthly pregnancy tests (to ensure you're not pregnant because it can severely deform the baby)


I had bad acne for years as a young adult and this really worked for me. I was also on many topical prescriptions and tetracyclene (another med from the derm) before Accutane but Accutane is what really helped me. Now my skin is as clear as a models, really and I also get compliments all the time about my nice skin. I also use Pro-active for maintenance. That works too but it has benzoyl peroxide in it. Hang in there. Your skin will clear up, you are still very young and it WILL get better! Just have patience!


Best of luck!

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Accutane can have some VERY serious side affects,


so be extremely cautious if you decide on using it, and I don't recommend it if you are sexually active because if you should become pregnant it can have devestating affects on the baby.


You should not drink at all while taking Accutane as well, and cannot take any vitamin supplements containing Vitamin A, which can cause severe reactions. It can make your skin ultrasensitive to sunlight, and you should never be exposed for more than a minute or two, and cover up accordingly. It is also known to cause serious depression, which I believe another poster mentioned. It also carried the risk of intracranial blood pressure increase (in your head and brain) causing severe headaches, and well, it's just not a good idea for your brain blood vessels to swell at all.


It really has some very serious possible side affects and I don't recommend using it personally.



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Read this, it should help inform you better about Accutane.


And yes your body chemistry changes gradually every few years and you can develop allergies and sensitivities to products that you formerly weren't allergic to.

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