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I've been really lonely lately. With my bf breaking up with me, I don't really know what to do. I know I shouldn't rush into another relationship... but I've got this really empty sorta lonely feeling. I mean I'm over him but I really want someone to talk to me, to actually care.


And to make things even more difficult... I'm starting to like guys less and girls more. But anyway. I'm still really lonely. Even if I'm talking with my best friends.


It feels like no one understands me or what I'm going through.


Sorry, this really isn't anything but ranting...


Thanks for viewing it, anyway.

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Well, still quite young and some people are not certain about their sexuality until even older than that.


I think you should give yourself more time to get over breaking up with your boyfriend. Don't think about another relationship for now but concentrate on getting over him and having some fun during the summer. There is nothing wrong with being single for a while.


Once you have gained some perspective you can then start to explore how you feel about your preferences without being influenced by the break-up.

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