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==> Should i talk to her?? but what if she............

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My gf nd me share a strong relationship. but she is a bit reseved. As she is young, she behave child-like in my presense, does all the kiddi things, jst to impress me, to make me feel good. thats ok but the problems is that................when she says something, i agree to it. she says shes not in the mood of kissing, i say we will do it later. But if i force nd say i wanna do it, she agrees as i might not get hurt. But I dnt want to force anything on her. I dnt feel like forcing her.. But everytime this happens.


I always agree to her feelings but when me tells about my desires, most of the time she says she's not ready. If i talk about this to her, she will surely be hurt as she is very sensitive.


What should i do???? plzzz rep

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Well, it's important that you tell her how you feel. Communication is vital in a relationship. I would sit down and let her know what you want from the relationship. If then you feel that you can't experience what you'd like to from this relationship, I advise you consider breaking up with her. You have to move on in a relationship, try new things, and it's fine if she's not ready, but you obviously are.


Sit her down, let her know. It's the only way.


Good luck

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I agree with elveden ^


You will NEVER know if you keep guessing, each time she bottles up her emotions.

You have to take the chance in asking her, because it's the ONLY way you will feel better about the relationship.

Once you've talked to her, and you still feel like she can't meet you half way in the relationship.. then you have to re-consider if she's the girl you want to be with.


There's billions of girls out there, don't stay with one if you feel it won't work, if you don't want to be with her after this, nicely cut her loose.

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