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Well you all were right, he went back to his ex... I feel okay about it, I just dont understand what happened there.... I was used possibly, I dont know, my brain aint working properly... Well thanks for all the advice you all gave.... Just one question, Do guys ever stop playing mind games? or do they just never grow up, no matter what their age is....

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Sorry to hear this. It's not all that surprising since they had a long history and you didn't waste any time getting involved with him after they broke up.


Are you really doing OK?


There are good men out there who will commit to you and treat you like you deserve, but you also need to play it smart and steer clear of men 20 years older than you who are in long term relationships.


If you play with fire.....

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It is tough when you are attracted to someone, think you have a good thing going and then it all blows up in your face.


I am sorry you got hurt but don't let it destroy your faith that you will find someone who deserves you.


Bad things sometimes happen to good people - but good things happen as well.

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I am not okay, but I have no other choice then to be okay, and well I went by what he told me, its not all me... So its not just me playing with fire, I was going with faith.....


I know- I didn't mean to make it sound as if it's all your fault- it's clearly not. He acted like a jerk and you didn't deserve that.


I hope you know that as DN said there are good men out there and when the time is right you will find one... be patient and know that you deserve it.





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