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I think there is no one(at least one for me)

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hello every one, now i am writing this it is the another time that i find out the girl i want to be a friend of have already has a bf befor this i never tried to talk to girls , but after now that i at least take the chance and talk to one i find out that no one in the world is interested on me, my belief came true this time again that there is no girl that can really love me there may be many problems , my eye condition or maybe my ugliness and though my treat i don't know what is wrong with me. I also wish my bests for them i don't feel shy anymore and i can at least say my real feelings to her but this time this girl wom i loved her so much more also came to have dating another boy, i think there is no girl that is made to be a friend of me, all of them found manys better than me

here i copy paste my last post again but this time my problem is not having a female friend cause i have many and i talk to many but there is none of them that can love me or date me, and this pretty fairy also was for other boy, plz help me find a way



first of all i live in iran a place that the relations bitween women and men are limited and nowdays the only place i meet girls and maybe have conversation with them is university

i have the same problem here but there are few problems i encounter;

1 - even i am 22 years but i live with my parents thus there is no other way for me and all youngs in iran are the same way

2 - girls in iran mostly don't want to try many friends and if they find a boy to chat they never like to end even if they don't seem that happy, they keep they virgin till they marry cause of religional beliefs

3 - i am not quit attractive!

4 - and i don't now what to ask the girls, parents in iran limit the girls from going lonly out and there is no club or places of having fun i can't even bring my girlfriend to home.

one of my majur aim is just run from this god damn country and go other countries such us uk or canada or australia

I am atheist and any girl i say that try to go away from me.

I also was known as an expectional talent during my highschool and bforthat but since i entered uni and found that the girls i want are not available! here i got such depressed that i failed to semmesters and i am now studing undergraduate mechanical engineering that it has no girl classmates!

and that makes me even worse

it seems for me there is no way for me to find any girls that would really love me,

even i found this post whil searching the keyword no girl loves me!

I would be glad if anyone could help me here or if thinks it is out of subject contact me on yahoo id and mail: email removed

finally sorry for any mistakes that i may have since english is not my mothe tongue.

with best wishes for u

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I really have changed my way and nowadays not only I don't try to seek for girls(however I am really sad of that and disappointed of really finding a girl that she at least a bit loves me so I've started to try to make my own money and first of all dependent mysellf from my parents and try to live alone and after that look whether the life has changed so would be there anyone just want to share my love or not I don't know u got what I said I really don't want a girl to 3x stuff, I want someone to really love eachother and really help to each and make life more enjoyable I have lost all my motivation to life and also thought of suicide too ,at last and finally I can't think of living a time with this problem of mine solved

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