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what we should eat before AND after a work out ?

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This is the advice about working out I follow (for most part, though I don't "bulk up" and go more for tone/functional strength for the cycling I do than bulk, and usually hear as well.


My boyfriend used to live with a bodybuilder (natural, no 'roids) and he preached the mantras about fuel, changing it up and going heavier before they ever even became "the norm".



You need to change it up or your body adjusts to the exercise and does not respond in building muscle as well, and you need the right combinations of protein carbs to start the process of building/repairing muscle as well as giving the muscles initial energy for the workout. If you start working out on starving muscles, they won't be able to go as far in building, and if you don't feed them, they can't rebuild. I usually have whey protein, or a turkey sandwhich, or if in a rush, after a bike workout for example, chocolate milk has one of the closest to idea carb-protein ratios you can get.

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Basically, you need carbs for your energy and protein to repair and grow your muscles. You can get enough carbs *very* easily... just a couple pieces of bread before a workout does quite nicely. As for protein, your body can only absorb between 15-25 grams of protein every couple hours... so really, anything over 20 odd grams in one sitting is wasted.


Real body builders eat tons and tons of food (top builders will eat close to 10 full-sized meals a day *plus* snacks). My trainer suggested something pretty simple and I works for me. I go for three meals a day (especially on days that I work out) as well as supplemental Protein bars (I like Odwalla because they are cheap and have 16g protein) all spaced out through the day so that I am eating something every two hours.


Right after my workout, I have a builder shake which has about 30g carbs and 20g protein.


In my first month, I was able to gain 2 pounds and lose an inch off my waist (which means it's been redistributed). Most of early building will be redistributing of existing weight. Now I'm up 5 pounds total right now, but my waist is the same... soon I will work on the defining part and then back to building to shake it up. Don't have any delusions of grandeur, but it's amazing what you can achieve in a very short time and how much difference one less in in the waist and one more in the chest makes.


P.S. RayKay - The chocolate milk thing is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that one.

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