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Well, i missed my period by a week and am starting to get nervous, thinking that i could be pregnant. I've been late before, and my doctor had told me that women's periods start to come ir-regularly in their early 20's....anyway, with that in mind i'm trying not to freak out and worry myself. My b/f and i do use condomn's and the ony reason i'm not on the pill is because we had decided to "stop having sex." Only, thats harder to do that it sounds and we've slipped a couple times. So, i'm worried that i'm pregnant and every day thats like all i can think about it. I think about how disappointed and upset my parents would be, how it would totally change my life of going to school and becoming a teacher, how it would change my b/f's life of getting out of the air force and going to scool to be a pilot...all sorts of things. I'm most worried about my dad....him and i are so close and i can't stand the thought of the look on his face if turns out that i am pregnant. I know that i need to go and take a test, but i'm just too afraid that it could turn out positive...this has happened twice before when my b'f and i first got together and every single time he went and bought the test and i took it, turned out that i started my period the day after. No joke! I'm so scared....i do have a question though....would there be any signs other than the fact that i missed my period? Thanks and sorry it was soo long....

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Headaches, sore breasts, morning sickness....however some women experience more or less of these symptoms.


The simple solution would be to take an over the counter pregnancy test to end the speculation, and tkae it form there. You might be worrying over nothing...or if you are pregnant you'll at least know and then think about your next steps.



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Take a test. If you ARE pregnant, delaying taking the test won't make you unpregnant! And the sooner you know, the sooner you can make some decisions and planning for your choice.


Next, if you are NOT pregnant, get on the pill. I don't care if you don't PLAN on having sex, as it is evident you are "slipping up" (by the way, sex is not "accidental"). So get on the pill. It will also regulate your periods so you would know if you missed one or not.


Stress will delay your period, which explains why before when you took test and were negative and stress alleviated, your period showed up. Who knows, if you take a test, maybe it will be negative again and same thing will happen!


If not, and you ARE pregnant, well, you will have to make some decisions with your boyfriend. A child does change your life, however it does not have to also mean a stop to your goals and dreams unless you let it. There are MANY women out there whom had children and continued on to meet their career goals and other goals in life.


As for your family...they may be sad, upset, but ultimately they will love you.


And yes there are other symptoms, but at this point they can be the same as PMS symptoms - hard to tell difference at times. Some women do not get symptoms until a month or two into pregnancy, others get them before they even miss a period. Best bet is to "pee on a stick" and know for sure.

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The others have made good points.


If you are pregnant, then there's nothing that can be changed about it now, so you might as well know.


Chances are, if you used condoms and they didn't break or anything, then there's a low chance of being pregnant. Of course, you aren't 100% protected.


Have you been sick lately, stressed? Those, among other things, can cause your period to be late. I think I heard that if your period is more than 2 weeks late, then you should go to a doctor. So give it another week and see. Just try not to stress over it!


You said that your period has been late before, so if it's been a normal thing for your periods to come late, then I would think that this is just one of those times. Try not to worry because if you stress too much your period will just come later and later and you will worry more and more.

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I don't care if you don't PLAN on having sex, as it is evident you are "slipping up" (by the way, sex is not "accidental").


I know that sex is not acccidental...i used "slipping up" for lack of a better description...i'm really not that dumb. I guess we just couldn't resist the tempation is more like it. And you're right....if i'm not pregnant then the pill would definitely be the next step.


"Headaches, sore breasts, morning sickness....however some women experience more or less of these symptoms"


I know that those are other signs, but I haven't anything like that...and don't those usually start a ways into the pregnancy? A few days before i was supposed to start, i had that feeling i always get beforehand....and i had the weird mood swings etc...i feel like i should be on my period, but i don't have any cramps or backpain or anything.

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[i feel like i should be on my period, but i don't have any cramps or backpain or anything.


I am sorry for worrying you, but this can be a sign of being pregnant. The fact that you feeing like you should be on our period. You need to get an over the counter pregnancy test.

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I think with the home test -you can be pretty certain.


You might want to consider birth control pills at some point- for tha tadded certainty- they provide the best protection against pregnancy and can also help to keep your periods regular. I would never want to live wihtout them.



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Get the doctor to take another test as well once you are there. Sometimes false negatives happen with tests due to a defective test, not enough hormones or infections. I knew a girl who tested negative until she was three weeks late for her period (one test a week) until she finally showed a positive test at the doctor with a blood test. Not sure why she kept showing negative until then, but she was definitely pg!


I am glad you have an appointment though to see what is going on!

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